Class AAR: AT-2A (My) Home Defense Tactics

Last night KR Training hosted its AT-2A Home Defense Tactics class. While I attended this class a few months ago, this time I hosted the class.

After experiencing the class myself, I wanted to host the class for a couple of reasons. First, it’d be nice to see what Karl thinks of my house from a defense/tactical perspective. Second, I wanted Wife to be involved. Wife cares about defense, she’s very keen on awareness. What I wanted her to get what some “formal schooling” and also some other perspectives on how our house stacked up. Plus hey, it’d be nice to let her finally see what it is I do all of those Saturday’s away from her and the kiddos. 🙂

This class ran like most instances of the class, just different due to it being a different house. There are numerous things I have already thought about, addressed, and tended to, but certainly some new and useful things came out of the event. There are a few things I’m going to work on to improve in the house, and some ideas I’m going to reject. For instance, making ground-level windows undesirable to go through. A suggestion from Karl is to put painful plants at such windows, like grow a holly bush or a rose-bush (all those thorns hurt) to discourage entry. While the suggestion in and of itself is a good one, it will not specifically work in my case due to botanical reasons (e.g. too much shade, those things just won’t grow). However, the alternative is putting things on the inside by the windows to discourage entry, such as large heavy objects in front of the window, or having lots of things that if a window was breached would cause lots of noise (e.g. lots of cheap fragile knickknacks on the window sill that get knocked off). That’s covered.

One very useful thing was addressing some of the “downstairs” issues. I hadn’t thought about one particular area being a “hunker down” spot, but Karl’s examination of things raised a lot of good points. Wife and I are looking at how we can tweak that spot to make it even better. It’s certainly going to be part of our plan.

The main thing to note is that no house will be perfect, all situations are going to have problems (e.g. stairs are just a problem that’s tough to overcome). But the best thing you can do is plan ahead. Examine the home from the exterior and the interior, looking at it with a mindset of “OK, if I was a criminal, what would I do?”. Look for those vulnerabilities. What can I do to make my house less attractive? Do you have children? How could they play into the situation? If say I have to run from my bedroom to the children’s room, what is that path like and what do I have to concern myself with? Can I do things to help improve that (e.g. motion detecting light switches, use of light and darkness)? How are things in the daytime? How are things at night? Every house is different so there’s no one blanket solution, but so long as you take the time to figure it out (and having an expert like Karl Rehn is certainly useful), that’s the key. Plan ahead so when the flag flies you can just go.

This morning, Wife came up to me and suggested some things from her own thinking. It wasn’t stuff that came directly out of the Karl (i.e. direct suggestion from Karl), but rather just how some scenarios played out, some examination of things, some other suggestions… put them all together, and Wife had some good thoughts on other improvements we could do. I must admit, it just tickled me that the class went over so well with her. I know she wasn’t looking forward to the class (she was thinking it’d be akin to some other classes I did, like maybe force-on-force classes), so I was happy to see how engaged she was in the class and how much she took from it.

That Wife got a lot out of it pleased me. Plus it put her a little closer to my wavelength on a few things, or at least she could see where I was coming from. We both got something out of it, individually and as a couple. I think the goals I set for hosting the event were met.

And of course… my “honey-do” list just got longer. 😉

4 thoughts on “Class AAR: AT-2A (My) Home Defense Tactics

  1. Thank you for hosting the class, y’all were gratious host.. I was glad your house has stairs as that was an issue that many of us needed to address.

    • You’re welcome.

      Yeah, stairs are such a tricky thing… and kinda scary too when you think about it. Hopefully we never have to use those “hard skills” and can just utilize awareness and other deterrent techniques (e.g. make the house as unappealing as possible).

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