Thoughts from Class 8 – Me

The last BP2/DPS1 class I helped with at KR Training generated a bunch of thoughts in my head. I thought I’d make a small series out of it.


One thing I enjoy about teaching is helping others. One thing I’ve come to learn about myself, it’s that I’ve apparently got some knack for teaching. So I just go with that, and yes, I really like helping folks, especially beginners.

But I must admit. When I teach, I learn a lot myself. It’s probably a big reason why I enjoy going out to KR Training and helping with classes: it’s an opportunity for myself to grow.

I do not attest to being any sort of guru when it comes to well… any subject. Another thing I’ve learned in life is that the more I learn, I realize how little I truly know.

The things I write on this blog? I don’t write it as any sort of authority. I’m just some guy that happens to have a keyboard and Internet access, and for some reason feels a desire to write. For whatever reason, you feel a desire to read what I write. Thank you for it. 🙂

Just note that anything I do write, it comes from sharing what I’ve learned, and how I’m still learning. Many of these “thoughts from class” aren’t so much being written to help you as they are me writing to help myself. I still need a lot of work on my shooting skills. I need to remind myself of a lot of these very things. I’m still trying to grow, trying to improve myself. Still finding my own imperfections and deficiencies and working on them.

My stance on things may change as I learn more and experience more. Very little is gospel. But it’s all just part of the journey, and I guess this is all just sharing the experiences I have and the thoughts in my head… a way for me to remember, a way for me to be accountable, and hey… it’s just fun to write.

But I ask you, kind reader. While I may share “thoughts”, please… smack me if I ever use the word “musings”. 😉

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