Rambling about reloading

Helping myself remember what I’m doing with my reloading.

.223 Remington

Still haven’t gotten to the range to do my Varget testing. It’s CCI #41 primer, case length 1.750″ (used Remington brass, trimmed and prepped), Barnes TSX .224″ 62 grain, COAL 2.250″. Using Varget, and loaded 5 rounds each starting at 25.1 grains up to 25.6 in 0.1 grain increments (30 rounds total). The goal is to shoot 5 shot groups of each charge weight and see how they perform in terms of accuracy. Whichever proves to be most accurate out of my rifle is what I’ll settle upon, load up a bunch of, get some chronograph readings, zero the scope, and move along.

.38 Special

I bought some brass off a guy and loaded a couple hundred more rounds before I switch over the Lock-n-Load AP press. I should have more than enough ammo for the snub class next month, but I’m still waiting on requirements.

One thing I noticed is I think my last round of loads crept up to 3.7 grains of Titegroup, which is more than my normal recipe. It may explain why the last time I shot them it felt a wee snappier. When I reloaded the last couple hundred rounds I rechecked the power drop to ensure 3.5 grains. When I next go to the range I want to take some of both batches of reloads and try them out.

If all is right in the world, I’ll be done loading .38 for a while… tho something just now nags at me that it’d probably be worthwhile to load a couple hundred more before I change the press.


Because once I switch the LnL press over to 9mm, I’ll be there for a while. I need to load at least 2000 rounds.

My last round of 9mm used Berry’s 115 grain RN DS, 4.2 grains Titegroup, Winchester WSP standard small pistol primers, various used brass, and a COAL of 1.135″. The load turned out to be too wimpy, the guns almost not running. Looking at load data, I think 4.4 or 4.5 grains ought to do it. I have to be mindful because these Berry’s bullets really can’t go over 1200 fps and 9mm pushes towards that end. But again, looking at published data I think 4.4 or 4.5 will work OK. Oh, and I will be using different primers because that’s what I have. Hopefully won’t make too grand a difference.


I think I’ll do a couple hundred more .38 just to have a buffer because once I set up for 9mm I really won’t want to change back until I’m done. Then I’ll set up for 9mm using the above, load maybe 20 rounds as an initial experiment. Then, I’ll take all 3 sets of loads and 3 guns to the range and try everything out: the .223 Varget different charge weights, the .38 loads, the initial 9mm load. See how everything does. If all is good, probably take care of the .223 loads to put them to bed, then get rolling on the 9mm.

I just need a little more time in a day. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Rambling about reloading

    • Yeah, Wife has mixed emotions about my hobbies. She’s happy I have things to do, but motorcycles, guns, reloading… all great ways to hurt myself. 😉

      That gun oil… cute.

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