More Knife Blarg

I was able to stop into GT Distributors‘ Austin showroom today.

I looked at knives.

I saw nothing that interested me. Well, there were some interesting things, but in the end the more I looked at things and compared things gosh… I just don’t think I’m going to find something that fits the need I want. If I really want something that blends better I’m likely going to have to go fixed blade. If I have to stick with a folder, I might as well stick with my Delicas (tho something a bit bigger and heftier would be nice, like an Endura). I’m still curious about some particular knives, like the Kershaw ZT 0200. I also am pretty sure that any time I go into a store that sells knives I’ll look at them and fondle a few and continue searching. I may find something some day, but for now, I think I’m just going to have to make due with what I have. And to be honest, that’d probably better for my wallet.

I also got to do some side-by-side comparisons of Aimpoints. Yeah, the Comp M4s is what I’d want. I’m pretty sure of that now.

Also looked at some OC spray. I’m wanting to carry some OC on my person. Discussion for another time.

6 thoughts on “More Knife Blarg

    • What sort of direct experience do you have with it?

      Why did you choose it over other models, be it other Aimpoint models or other optics?

      I’m still not 100% sold (probably 99% now tho) because I still think something like a CompML2 in a LaRue mount (4 MOA dot) may be a better choice for the home-defense AR. But I like the M4 because:

      1. top of the line, best electronics, etc.
      2. that it uses common AA batteries
      3. that you can get 8 years of life out of the battery
      4. doesn’t need a separate mount
      5. the 2 MOA dot should be good enough (the “bloom” to get a 4 MOA dot is annoying… it’s a blinding blur of red), should still be fast enough, and if I did want to get a 3x magnifier someday it’d work out ok.

      But the ML2 is less expensive, decent enough battery life, 4 MOA dot will be very fast and accurate enough on anything I’d use it for at ranges I’d use it for…..

      Still hum-hawing a bit, but at least I crossed the T1 off my list. I see the appeal of it because there is less “visual clutter” due to its small profile, but I just didn’t like it.

      • The first red dot optic I ever bought was an EOtech 511.a65 (Which I actually still have), while it works fine and holds zero well, I much prefer my M4 actually because of all the reasons you listed. The biggest annoyance of the eotech is definitely battery life, I don’t even shoot that much and the batteries didn’t even last me a summer. I may have forgot to turn it off once or twice, but it has an auto shutoff feature that kicks in eventually. Also, The N batteries that my eotech takes are expensive and not available everywhere, so that’s another definite downside.

        One thing I do like better about the eotech though is the reticle.. I like that 65MOA ring with the dot in the center because your eye grabs it a lot quicker I find. Some people complain of “tunnel vision” with the aimpoints because you are looking through a tube. I haven’t noticed any difference, but its one thing to consider.

        • I do like the EOTech’s reticle, but that’s about it. In every other way the Aimpoint wins.

          Ah… I reckon the M4s is in the future, when the money is there and it bubbles close enough to the top of the wishlist. 🙂

          Thanx for the input.

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