Wilson Combat Spec-Ops 9

My buddy C is affiliated with Wilson Combat. I forget what exactly his title is, but something like a field rep.

Bill Wilson sent him two guns to play with, shoot, and let other people shoot. One was a Wilson AR in 6.8, the other was a Wilson Spec-Ops 9. I got to fondle the 6.8 on New Years Eve and let me tell you that is a sweet gun. High quality. Awesome trigger. Then lots of little fine points, like how the edges on the rails were not sharp, the way the handguards fit. So many little fine details. Just quality stuff, folks.

Anyway, C let me borrow the Spec-Ops 9 and today I got to shoot it. I was out at KR Training for some one-on-one time with Karl, so he shot it too.

Karl shooting the Wilson Spec-Ops 9. Ah, recoil!

Me, shooting the Wilson Spec-Ops 9 (note the ejecting brass).

It’s an interesting gun. It’s certainly in the 1911-form factor, but in 9mm. It also has more of a Glock-like grip than a 1911-like grip. I think the grip feels a bit chunky in my hand, but it’s not too bad. It also felt a little snappier to me than my XD, not sure why (could have been the loads we were using). I didn’t like the 3-dot sights on it, but if it was my gun that’d be an easy enough change. Of course, the 1911-style trigger is sweet.

My only real trouble with this gun? The price. The price listed on Wilson Combat’s website is $1995. I personally can’t see dropping the 2 grand on such a gun. If this is to be a defensive handgun well… I’m going to abuse it. It’s hard for me to want to abuse something I spent $2000 on. Furthermore, what if I was involved in a defensive shooting and the gun had to be held for evidence or some such thing? For me, to damage or lose a $2000 gun would really suck. Is the gun worth $2000? That’s subjective and for you to decide for yourself. For me, it’s a non-issue as I don’t have $2000 to spend on a gun anyway. 🙂

Still, we had some fun. Shot paper, and shot steel. Click on the images to watch a video. Shooting I think an 8″ steel plate at 10-15 yards (didn’t measure). WordPress.com doesn’t jive with embedding/streaming QuickTime movies, so this is the best I can do. Click and watch!

Karl shooting steel with the Wilson Spec-Ops 9 -- CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

Me shooting steel with the Wilson Spec-Ops 9 -- CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

Anyway, fun gun. Glad I had a chance to shoot one. Thanx to my friend C for loaning it to me, and thanx to Bill Wilson too!

Updated: I should clarify my position on this gun.

I think it is a fine piece of craftsmanship. Any Wilson Combat product I’ve handled has been top of the line. There’s a great attention to detail in the work they do, and the quality and care shows in their products. I would be proud to own any Wilson Combat product.

That’s my problem: I can’t own one. Oh I’ve got the money that I could buy one if I wanted one, but it’s a difficult purchase for me to justify. I mean, is this gun worth $1000-$1500 more than my customized Springfield XD? What am I getting for that extra grand, and is that something I can justify in my scheme of “is it worth it”? As I said above, I wouldn’t want to carry the gun due to the cost of it. And for that money spent, I could buy a couple other guns, or a lot of ammo, or a lot of training.

The gun fills a niche, no question. It gives you that 1911 form factor (which is ever so sweet), in 9 mm, and a lot of ammo capacity in a solid, high quality package. What else out there can give you that?

For me, it’s really just a financial/economic thing. Your situation is probably different.

Updated 2: Karl’s basic take on the gun: “it’s like a 1911 equivalent of a Glock 19 – basically the same capacity, caliber, size, weight”.

7 thoughts on “Wilson Combat Spec-Ops 9

  1. The issue for me is mainly that there are a lot of good of single action, double stack 9mm’s out there that cost a lot less, with abundant parts, have aftermarket support, cheap magazines, etc.

    I would have no problems carrying it though. If you break it, they’ll fix it, and $2000 is cheap in the context of a self-defense shooting.

    I wish Wilson made a Hi-Power. I’d be all over that.

  2. How is your steel target made? I made one that looked a lot like that and I had a few too many bullets coming back at me. Found a warm mushed up slug at the tip of my boot after getting hit by some fragments.


    • I’ll ask Karl. I think he gets them from someone. Maybe this place:


      Not 100% sure. But you have to use particular sorts of steel I do believe, plus angled slightly downward. They also say you shouldn’t shoot steel closer than 40 yards to avoid splash-back. Always wear something over your eyes too.

      • I always wear eye protection, but I was much closer than 40 yards. I’ve been using paper targets for practice since that incident. Not nearly as satisfying as “BANG! TING!” but a lot better than “BANG! TING! OW!”

  3. Updated 2: Karl’s basic take on the gun: “it’s like a 1911 equivalent of a Glock 19 – basically the same capacity, caliber, size, weight”.

    That’s NOT a bad thing as the G19 is probably the most recommended self defense pistol around….

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