Fastest Iron Sights?

The Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Front Sight Magazine, the official magazine of the USPSA, has an article looking at the equipment used in Steel Challenge.

When considering this information, know that Steel Challenge is the fastest shooting competition in the world — it’s all about speed and accuracy. Thus the top competitors are always going to use equipment that maximizes their ability to shoot as quickly and accurately as possible. This article lists the results from an equipment survey from the Steel Challenge World Championship. Here’s how the Iron Sights broke down, by manufacturer:

Bo-Mar — 10
Dawson — 6
Warren — 5
Heinie — 3
Tactical Solutions — 3
Hi-Viz — 3
Millett — 3
Dan Wesson — 1
Trijicon — 1
ATS — 1
Tripp — 1
Tru-Glo — 1
Wilson — 1
Burwell — 1

People looking for better sights for their defensive handgun? Consider the above information. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting in action competition or shooting in self-defense, you still need to shoot quickly and accurately. Replacing the sights on your defensive handgun is one of the least expensive but high-gain modifications you can do to improve the gun and your shooting ability.

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