Locked and reloading!

Blog has been quiet today because I’ve been busy elsewhere.

Christmas was good to me and I was able to obtain a Hornady Lock-n-Load AP progressive reloading press. I spent the morning installing it on my reloading bench. I decided to keep the single-stage RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme because I’ve got it, no reason to eliminate it as single-stage has its place too.

Had lunch with a good friend of mine and his wife who were in town for a short visit. Then upon returning home I reloaded all of the .38 Special brass I had. Ended up being 324 rounds using my “Berrys/Titegroup plinking load“. I’d say that broke in the LnL. 🙂

A few issues:

  • Sometimes the shell plate wouldn’t fully index. I would notice because I’d try to seat a primer and it wouldn’t go at all. A little tap on the shell plate to move it fully into position and no problems. It was hard to detect a pattern but 2 slots on the plate seemed to be the main offenders (the 2 on either side of the plate’s ID number stamp). I’m not sure what gives here, but I plan on calling Hornady in the morning to ask.
  • How do you empty the primer tube and the powder drop? Powder drop I guess take it out at the bushing, dump the hopper back into the powder jug, then work the rotor a few times. But the primer feed tube… not so sure if there’s any other way than just working the action and removing the primers one by one.
  • I need a bar stool. The press is a little low for my tall-self to operate, but I think I’d rather have a bar stool and sit a little lower than always stand and have to raise it up.
  • I need more .38 Special brass. 🙂  I also need to put in an order for a lot of Titegroup (probably an 8# jug). Of course, no one has small pistol primers.

Anyway, I’m stoked! Got the progressive press going and over time it should really help me out. Now I just need to get to the range more often to shoot whatever I load. 🙂

Updated: Oh yeah. I think I want to get a case feeder. Granted, you can find your groove without it, but it does become one less thing to be hassled with.

Still, I probably won’t get it for a while due to cost. But eventually it’d be nice.

Updated 2: At foo.c’s prompting (ribbing?) I pulled out the F’n M and R’d it. It does explain how to empty the primer tube. So that’s settled.

As for the shell plate indexing tho. Given what I can read and see behaving, the indexing itself isn’t off. There’s something about 2 particular locations on the plate. When the plate it empty, it appears to cycle through the stations just fine. I might try switching to another plate and running through the stations to see what happens. Could be the press, could be the plate (the manual said it’s possible to have a warped plate). So, we’ll see. I think this still warrants a phone call to Hornady to ask about.

7 thoughts on “Locked and reloading!

  1. I believe you need to turn the left pall counter-clockwise just a tad. RTFM. :)-~

    I also dab a little grease on the palls for smoother operation.

    For the primers, you can take off the top of the primer feeder thingy that the tube screws into and the slide at the same time, but it’s a PITA so I try to make sure I can load all of them before dropping them in.

    • I admit I didn’t RTFM because it came with a “howto” DVD and all I did was watch that; it was quite thorough. I’ve had some sleepless nights recently (sigh) so I watched the DVD beforehand and just went off that. I did flip through the manual and the DVD seemed good enough so I just based off that. I did look in the manual’s troubleshooting section and it listed nothing regarding this issue. I’ll go flip back through it before I call Hornady.

      I did apply grease… the DVD told me too. 😉

      As for the primer, I’ll go back and look at the press later to see what you mean. When I finished things last night I counted how much brass I had left and loaded exactly that many primers. But it’d still be nice to know if there’s any sort of trick to removing primers.

  2. Re: Update

    Try adjusting the palls (pawls, whatever they are called/spelled) if you haven’t yet.

    I’ve been through this myself, and that’s how I fixed it. I guess you could have a bad plate though.

    I have to tweak the palls every now and then. Probably about every 5k rounds or so.

    It could be more due to the temperature than anything else, as the grease thickens up when its cold, so that it won’t always click to the index.

    • I called Hornady and he said to adjust the right pawl (paul? pall? whatever) with small counter-clockwise turns (to back it out just a bit). 1/8th of a turn at a time and see how it goes. Guy on the phone said he thinks it may be that with shells in the plate it might be creating just enough drag that it’s not getting it there all the way.

      I won’t be able to test this for a bit tho. I’ll need to either set up the press for 9mm reloading (i.e. something I have brass for) OR I’ll need to shoot some .38 and recover some brass. I’d like to work it with the .38 since that’s the setup I already have on there and I’d like to dink with it as little as possible until this is figured out. I’d like to load up some more .223 experiments tonight then go to the range in the morning to shoot stuff and see how it goes. I can burn through some .38 then try the adjustment then.

      I just figured if that was the problem (pall adjustment) that it would do it on every station, not just 2 of them.

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