Making Lemonade

This weekend marks the opening of the (firearm) deer hunting season in Texas.

And I won’t be a part of it.


All that work on the lease, working towards this point. And I can’t capitalize on it. My first opening weekend.


Why not? Work obligations. To be fair, no one at work is forcing me to do this. I spoke with a co-worker about a problem the product is presently experiencing, and given the scope of the problem, the customer requirements, the greater implications for relations and contracts and revenue and so on well… in my mind the only right thing to do is stay home and work on the problem.

I’m mostly doing it out of obligation to myself. I just feel that’s the right thing to do. As soon as the fix is completed and given to the QA department, you better believe I’ll be out hunting. The rut is on and I don’t want to miss it. I already put in for a day off (to have made for a longer weekend), so if it means mid-week next week I just take a single day and spend it out in the stand, then that will have to do.

It’s life. These things happen. You roll with it. And in this case, I may be able to make some lemonade.

You see, due to all the rain we’ve been having the action shooting bays at the Austin Rifle Club have been soggy and any Steel and IPSC matches have been cancelled for the past some months. Finally the rain has held off long enough for ARC to get in and repair the bays, and so this weekend ALSPPC won’t be holding an IPSC match: they’ll be holding 2 IPSC matches! One on Saturday, one on Sunday. If you read this blog regularly you know I’ve been trying to get out to competition but the weather and range issues or some other 3rd thing always prevented it. But now it’s here, and if workload is such that I wouldn’t be able to go hunt, I ought to be able to at least slip away for half a day and shoot my first IPSC match.

Don’t know how it will go just yet, but here’s hoping for a little lemonade this weekend.

Updated: I want to go on public record saying, Jon you’re a good guy.

5 thoughts on “Making Lemonade

    • The deer lease is a good 2 hour drive away, so that has to be factored in. Plus I just don’t know how long this thing is going to take to do, and I don’t want to leave it in a half-done state. That’s part of my problem… if I have it in any state less than “completed and off my plate” it’s just going to nag at me. I’ll be sitting in a tree stand with nothing to do but think… and so my mind will churn on the problem. Partially my feeling of obligation, but just speaking as a programmer geek that likes to solve problems (and this one does pose some interesting technical challenges that I’ve not contended with before, so there’s truly something interesting about it) I’m going to want to solve the problem and not leave it hanging.

      So it’s just better for me this way.

      It will all work out in the end. Just not what I planned is all.

  1. Gotcha, guess I still have the idea that the place to get deer is in the backyard. Or at most, ten minutes from home. Advantage of growing up in rural Oregon I guess.

    • Well, there was a nice buck in my backyard:

      but I do live in Austin city proper (tho far from downtown, thus the deer and the lush greenery surrounding him) and so there’s no hunting. It just so happens that my particular deer hunting lease property is far away. And leases closer were just too expensive.

      I do long for having a lot of my own rural acreage so I could just go out back and hunt. Someday I will have that. 🙂

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