If only we could too…

Look at what I saw in my backyard a couple weeks ago:

Mind you I live in the city of Austin, tho obviously not downtown. There’s some flood control plots that run behind my house and coupled with the few hundred undeveloped acres connecting through (again, all for flood control and other “naturalization” stuff by the City), yeah we get all sorts of critters including deer and coyote. But for a city deer, he’s pretty good looking, isn’t he? Of course the majority of the deer we see on a daily basis are does and fawns or much younger bucks, but still the deer population in my backyard is pretty healthy. Over the years we’ve watched the same does come around, watched their children be born and grow up. And the deer population grows, unchecked.

The City seems to grant this is a problem. City of Austin recently passed an ordinance outlawing the feeding of deer. I know other similar legislative attempts have been made to control the deer population. Trouble is, the deer are oblivious to the hard work of our legislators. They don’t see your pretty flowers and landscaping as improving your house’s curb appeal… .no… the deer just see it as food. And the deer problems increase, because there’s a lot of this food about. The only threat to these deer are all the SUV’s driven by soccer mom’s with mobile phones glued to their ears. Unfortunately that’s not enough of a control measure.

Seems allowing hunters to hunt in urban areas is working to control the deer population. Whodathunkit?

I can understand people getting their panties in a wad over firearm-based hunting within city limits. But why not bow hunting? Mr. Buck above wasn’t but 25 yards from me. Certainly proper guidelines could be set down and the deer population could be better regulated. Furthermore, if the hunter didn’t want the venison, I’m sure the Capital Area Food Bank would be happy for the donation. Hell, Austin being Austin, I’d even find it acceptable if they made it a requirement of getting the “within the city hunting permit” to donate at least half of the meat to the CAFB.

But for now, all I can do is dream… and watch the deer play in my backyard. Hrm. Now if I could just get some buffalo roaming and antelope playing out behind my home too.

5 thoughts on “If only we could too…

    • I don’t know. But I am talking about within the Austin city limits. Maybe there is something that allows that within the city.

      Regardless tho, I think a more generalized effort city-wide to help deal with the deer would be good. Else well… don’t gripe about your flowers and every bit of edible foliage under 4 feet getting eaten.

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  2. Last year there was a nice 8×8 on the greenbelt where I walk my dog up in Brushy Creek. I don’t know how many times I thought about chasing him down…

    • Wow, nice.

      And the city won’t let us do a thing about them, other than complain and pass ordinances… which the deer have the audacity to not comply with.

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