Working the lease

Spent yesterday working at the deer lease. Productive day. Pictures too.

In about a month, deer season starts (well, it’s now open for bowhunters). Thus, needed to get out to the deer lease property and take care of any final preparations. We had to finish some stuff with some blinds, but the biggest thing was ensuring all the stand locations were clear of trees and debris for clear sight lines. Much work to be done, and the threat of rain loomed constantly.

M & C went out Friday night so they could sit in the big box stand and watch the pasture for anything interesting, like deer or hogs. Both brought their rifles in case of hogs. I opted to drive out about 3 AM Saturday morning so I could hunt the sunrise. While creeping out to the box blind I heard a fair number of deer, snorts and animals running off (couldn’t see a thing in the dark). Sat for a while, would hear snorts now and again, and watched the dance of little glowing green dots (eyes) off in the pasture as deer came to eat at the feeder.

Eventually the sun rose:

Note: the iPhone 3GS camera is better, but still ain’t that hot. I also tried to post that very picture to the blog via WordPress for iPhone but it didn’t work for some reason and eventually the post just disappeared into the ether. I’ll try again some other time.

Watched the pasture for about an hour-and-a-half after sunrise. Saw one doe run around, but that’s all. Then we had to all climb out of our respective stands and go work. Our main enemy? Rain. It’s been on tap for Central Texas to rain pretty hard all weekend. We knew it was coming, we had to focus our efforts. We got our camp set up and I must say it’s pretty good. M & C scrounged a lot of stuff to make for a really cool camp setup.

After camp was set up, we took care of chores such as refilling the feeders, new batteries in the game cameras, clearing the camera cards, clearing some paths, finishing most of the work on the box blind, and the big one: clearing sight lines and prepping some non-stand but good hunting locations. One spot that I personally really liked was in the back of the property. There’s a clearing that’s on a game trail. It’s a small clearing, but the camera back there has picked up a lot of interesting stuff… not just deer, but coyotes and even a bobcat. I spent a little time back there clearing some trees and brush:

I’m not sure of the total dimensions of the area, but from where I was standing it’s probably 30-40 yards to the tree line in front of me. On the right side you’ll see a lone tree and if you look near the bottom of the tree you’ll see the game camera. If you look forward of that tree you might even see the worn path in the ground where all the game walks. From what the camera is showing, they tend to walk in from the left, likely coming from the tank (pond). The picture doesn’t show it all, but the area is wide… but not too wide. From where I’m standing there’s really only a small window of opportunity. You can see some trees on the ground in front of me. Any trees and brush I cut down I piled in this back little alcove to make a bit of a natural blind that you could sit behind. Your outline is broken up by the brush in front and the trees behind, and you could sit there and watch for game to enter. Trouble is, I think this is going to be a tough area to hunt because game is “right there” — any movement you make is going to be noticed. C had a good suggestion: handgun hunting, like a good .44 Magnum revolver. Why is it I keep finding reasons to buy a big revolver? 🙂  I’d like to try hunting this area. I suspect I’d see a lot of game, but I am not sure how successful I’d be at bagging anything due to the logistics.  If nothing else, it should be a cool place to sit and watch critters go by.

If any of you experienced hunters have suggestions on hunting an area like that, I’m all ears.

As the day wore on, we finally got rain. It had been lightly raining on and off throughout the day, but we seemed to miss most of it. The radar (I love that iPhone!) showed the rain passing north and south of us, we were in a little strip of clear. But when it finally came down, it came down and didn’t let up. We got our work done, things look good, then back to the camp. Enjoyed some good beer, good cigars, and a lot of good conversation. M & C being brothers I got to hear more great stories of them growing up. And I should mention, M made lunch for us and yes he shall someday make a good squaw. 😉

Unfortunately, I had to leave early. The intent was to camp overnight then continue work today. When I got back to camp in the evening I had a phone message from Wife saying that all 3 kids had started running a fever and she asked if I could come home early to help her out. So back home I went.

I’m sure as I write this, M & C are heading out to the stands to watch the sun rise and see what’s out there. Wish I could be there, boys. But we’ll be back in a month. 🙂

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