Use it or lose it

I’m constantly amazed at how long it takes to gain things, but how quickly they are lost.

Since I switched my martial arts study, I haven’t done any Kuk Sool work — I’ve barely thought about it. However I realized that I’m losing a few things. Not the mental knowledge, but the physical conditioning that Kuk Sool gave me. Granted, I’m using a different set of muscles and physical movements, so I’m gaining physical conditioning in other ways. But some of the losses I’m not liking. For instance, Kuk Sool did a lot of leg work. My current studies aren’t as heavy on leg work. Consequently, I’ve noticed my legs fading a bit.

So this morning after doing a bunch of kali stick work, I opted to run through all my Kuk Sool forms. Nothing intensive, but just something to feel the burn again.

And burn I felt. 🙂

My legs are aching a bit from all the low stance work, going in and out of low stances does work your leg muscles quite well. It also made me realize how part of my ankle rehab was coming from doing all of that work. Furthermore, my knees aren’t so happy these days, since they’re not getting the same level of use/strengthening. It’s all crazy.

So, I’m going to resolve to at least do a bunch of deep knee bends every day. Nothing major, just something to ensure I use it and don’t lose it. And I’ll keep doing my forms from time to time. It’s good for me. 🙂

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