Search term grab bag

Let’s delve into the search terms and see what people are searching for now that wind them up here at my blog.

apple os x “snow leopard” gcc version

Technically, 4.2. However, there’s new stuff coming from Apple in terms of complier technology. Check out LLVM and Clang. This Ars Technica article on Snow Leopard has a good discussion of the compiler situation. Heck, the whole article is a good read regarding the real nuts and bolts of Snow Leopard.

contrast sights vs 3 dot sights

I believe contrast is good. Good shooting technique has you focusing on the front sight. Thus, things to help your eyes pick up the front sight are good. Furthermore eliminating things that can distract your eyes are also good. Thus, increasing the contrast between your front sight and the rear sight, between your front sight and your surroundings, IMHO these things are good.

That’s one reason I don’t like 3-dot sights. When you’re trying to quickly get a sight picture, now you have 3 dots to choose from, which is the front sight? If you’re moving fast it doesn’t take much to have the gun pointed slightly askew and actually having the front sight appear to the right or left. Or maybe the front sight doesn’t appear at all and you mentally ask yourself “is that the front sight?” You don’t need to waste time trying to determine “is that the front sight.” It should be definitive.

My current setup is using a set of Dawson Precision sights. The rear is just flat black, but very crisp, sharp, and no-glare. The front is a simple post, but has a red fiber optic insert to help draw my eye. The fiber isn’t used for aiming, just to make the front sight stand out so your eyes come to it. Otherwise, the sights act like any other notch-and-post type sights in terms of aiming.

a 9mm round is equal to what caliber

A 9mm Parabellum bullet is about a .36 caliber. Or maybe .35, depending how you round (.355″).

what does lswchp mean

Lead Semi Wad Cutter Hollow Point. A type of bullet.

is prvi partizan ammo safe in m1a?

I’ve used their .308 Winchester 168 grain match ammo in mine, and it’s been fine.

There’s nothing on the list that seems to say otherwise. My experiences with Prvi ammo have been good, and the reviews and comments I’ve read online have been generally positive about Prvi ammo in general. IMHO it’s not the best ammo in the world, but it’s good stuff and I have no aversion to shooting it in my guns.

where to store pistol home defense

I would say, where it’s handy to serve it’s purpose. I keep the dishwasher near the kitchen sink, because that’s where it’s most handy for its purpose. I keep the TV remote control by my La-Z-Boy recliner because that’s where it’s most handy for its purpose. I keep the toilet paper next to the toilet because that’s where it’s most handy for its purpose. Think about these examples. If the useful tool was not where you wanted it when you wanted it, what good would that be? Why do people store their remote controls up by the TV? If I wanted to get off my butt to change the channel, I wouldn’t have a remote control in the first place. 😉

But of course, you may have additional issues to consider, such as children in the home. I always liked Kathy Jackson’s take on things. Go read her stuff. No point in me duplicating it here.

Another possible issue is appearances. Depending who you are and/or where you live, to have a rack of guns openly about in the house may be no big deal, or it may be impermissible. You may have to consider other options.

When I think about where to store, my main concerns are access and safety. To ensure those who should get to it can get to it promptly when needed, and those you shouldn’t get to it can’t. And to be safe about it to ensure no one, save the one deserving it, gets hurt. But I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

will a 9mm stop a person

A 9mm what? Oh, I’m sure they mean bullet.

If it’s placed correctly, yes it can.

.45 vs 9mm handgun difference

One shoots a .45 caliber bullet, the other a 9mm caliber bullet. Duh! 😉

3 dots on my nuts

I don’t want to know what that’s all about.

fingers hurts when typing

“Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”

“Don’t do that.”

best offensive gun

Now I admit, that’s a search term twist. Most people are always searching for the best defensive gun or other defense-related terms.

I would say that it doesn’t really matter. To be offensive or defensive depends more upon your mental state, your skills, your situation; that is, you. The gun, it’s just a lump of steel. It’s not the gun, it’s what you do with it.

Or maybe they don’t mean offensive as in “going on the attack.” Maybe they mean the best gun to offend someone with. I guess again it would depend. Paul Helmke, any gun. Carolyn McCarthy, any gun with a shoulder thing that goes up. For Xavier, he’s got a whole collection of ugly guns and shows them off every Sunday. For Charlton Heston, the one taken from his cold dead hands. For Ted Nugent, the one that caused him to miss that white-tailed deer. 🙂

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