Workin’ on the lease

I spent all of yesterday out at the deer lease working on getting it ready for deer hunting season. Went out with my buddy C and his brother M (we’re the 3 on the lease), and we got a bunch of things done.

Went out and scouted the property again. We’ve got a good feel for the lay of things. The property owner had put up some flags to better clarify where the back-end of the property was, so that was useful to see and adjust to. One thing we also noticed was, as we were driving in we noticed how green everything was. Obviously they’ve been getting rain and for a while, whereas Austin’s been bone-dry. But as we got onto the actual property, it wasn’t as green as everything else had been; greener than Austin, but not as lush as places within a 50 mile radius. Ah well, it’s still getting rain and things should green up as the temperatures are going down too. And we do need more rain as the tank/pond still has water but certainly the level has gone down significantly; refilling it is needed.

We found a lot of good places to hunt, from stands (either formal or make-shift), stalking, good stuff. C managed to snag a great deal on a box blind via craigslist. He then built a 4′ platform riser and much of our morning was spent assembling and preparing that stand. You can see in the picture that it’s mostly complete. We still need to work on the windows, finish up the painting, and we’re thinking about doing other things with the roof (currently just a sheet of hardiplank). Still, it’s a pretty nice setup and overlooks the pasture.

Set up two other stands. A free-standing tripod in a back corner of the property, single person. Then we also set up a tree ladder stand near the pond. The ladder stand was cumbersome to put up. I had assembled most of it at home, but just trying to hoist that sort of weight at that height well… leverage and gravity are not your friend here. Plus trying to find the right tree that is 1. in a good hunting spot, 2. provides the structural support the stand needs… that’s tough to come by. But we found a good setup. We also opted to drop one set of ladder rungs so instead of being about 14′ from ground to the platform it’s now about 10′, so when seated the gun will probably be 12′ to 14′ in the air (didn’t measure exactly). But that’s good enough. It also put the bottom of the platform just atop a sturdy branch, which added nicely to the stability.

Put out another feeder, near the tank. Moved one of the game cameras to watch that feeder. We’ll see what shows up. Speaking of which, we did clear the photos off the 3 cameras we have on the property, but we haven’t gone through them all yet. M took all the pictures and is started to go through them. An initial email from him said he saw a coyote along the back fence. There’s also been much evidence of hogs on the property, which is great for C and me since we love to hunt hogs (M will take a hog but doesn’t really care to seek them out). Lots of deer on the cameras too, but no word yet on quality and “takeable” bucks.

It was a long day, much work, but overall productive. We’ll probably have a long work weekend in early October to finish up what needs to be done. Season starts in November. 🙂

Some random comments:

  • The iPhone is quite handy. All the pictures were taken with it, and while it may lack things like flash and zoom, you can still get pretty decent pictures out of it. Certainly better than a lot of other mobile phone cameras.
  • As well, I’m glad I bought the iPhone 3GS. The GPS functionality is quite the boon. I took coordinate readings of various things on the property, which then when I got home I could feed into Google Earth and map out. I could easily figure out things like distances (e.g. from this stand, how far to this fence or that tree so I can know exactly how far the shot would be). I want to go back out and get coordinates for many more landmarks on the property…. could make for a nice motorcycle ride.
  • Mobile phone reception at the property is fine. No 3G network, but there is AT&T’s Edge network… slow, but something.
  • We found a dying cow back by the tank. The property owner had been out earlier in the morning and was aware of it (we called him to report it). Kinda sad to see. By afternoon it was dead and the buzzards had arrived. A bit of a humbling experience.
  • We saw deer throughout the day. Antlerless, but they certainly roam about. Hopefully that will mean good things for us.
  • I went through almost 2 gallons of water, and still barely peed. Never felt dehydrated, but it’s amazing how much water was gone through and it was pretty much just keeping up.
  • Under Armour is awesome. I felt so comfortable all day, even in a long sleeve shirt.
  • Sunscreen is your friend. Yes, I used it all day long. And my boonie hat.
  • Given we may be shooting ranges from 100-200 yards for many shots, I want to get my hunting rifle to the range to see where it lands at 200 yards. I’d like to do it soon, before the onslaught of people wanting to get zeroed in 2 weeks before hunting season.

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