NetNewsWire and NewsGator – part deux

I like NetNewsWire. I never used their NewsGator service because I had no need. I get my iPhone, I want an RSS reader there, I see NNW exists for it, and using NewsGator I can sync up and go and keep everything merrily in sync between my MacBook Pro and NNW and my iPhone and NNW. But then, NewsGator opts to change how things are done.

Originally I wasn’t happy about this, but now, I don’t know. Now that NNW exclusively performs its syncing and updating via the NewsGator service, I notice that I’m often lagging behind in feed updates or not getting updates entirely. This is not a step in the right direction. Who knows. Maybe the Google Reader mechanisms will work better here. I don’t know, never used it.

But honestly, all of this is feeling like a big step back in functionality. If NewsGator/NNW is honestly going to make things better, then fine go forward with the changes. But so far, my confidence is shaken and I am thinking about finding another RSS reader. 😦

One thought on “NetNewsWire and NewsGator – part deux

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