Got a deer lease

So the night hunt ends, but that was only the beginning to a long hunting-filled weekend.

After the night hunt, Charles and I were able to crash at his folks house not too far from the hunt location. We woke up some hours later, got in the car, Charles’ father (long time hunter) joined us, and we were going to meet Charles’ brother. The location? Columbus, Texas. The reason? Deer lease.

Charles found a deer lease being advertised for a reasonable price and location. He had been speaking with the property owner for a couple weeks and had an initial meeting and scouting of the property. It was looking good, but we all wanted to see it, plus get Dad’s seal of approval since he’s the most experienced hunter. So we all drove out to check things out.

In short, the place looked good. Heck, we even saw a bunch of deer running around at about 4-5 PM, the hottest part of the day. Apparently the land hasn’t been hunted, the adjacent properties haven’t either, so there’s very little pressure over the years and likely for good deer. There’s lots of cover but also lots of open areas. Food sources from coastal grass to oak acorns. A good stock tank for water, and a creek bed that if we can bust this drought will have water flowing in it. Really, it seems like a good property, and should be productive for 3 hunters. Take deer according to law limits, and we can take all the hogs we want. Other hunting will be determined.

I admit, I felt a little rushed into the deal. I feel like I’m getting in over my head. But the price was very good and if I do want to hunt more over the coming year there’s no question this was a more economical way to go. It should be an interesting time, full of learning. We’ll see what comes of it all.

3 thoughts on “Got a deer lease

    • A friend and former neighbor, Charles (the guy that commented above).

      I didn’t know you hunted. I’ll drop you a line off line.

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