The story of Elliott Firby

Xavier tells the story of Elliott Firby, who successfully defended his life with his gun.

I know the video is about 20 minutes long, but it’s worth a watch. On the one hand, just about everything Mr. Firby says is spot-on (note: no lawyer-speak in this, just an honest man telling his story, answering questions). But what’s more interesting (disgusting?) is to listen to the line of questioning from some of the reporters… almost as if they are looking for some fault or little angle they could take to crucify Mr. Firby for what he did and/or further a gun control agenda. It’s cool tho that the two police officers at the the table with him are very supportive of what Mr. Firby, what he did, and you can tell they know how to present things to the reporters to not feed their agenda.

As I stated previously, scumbags are opportunists. It was early morning, seems Mr. Firby was just coming home from work and happened to be the guy on the road that the scumbags picked. Xavier’s right tho:

Of course, the media is making note of the fact neither criminal had a previous record, and both were star athletes. I’m sure their relatives will appear soon to relate they were on their way to church to feed hungry lepers when the cruel Elliott Firby began shooting at them for no good reason.

Scumbags gotta start somewhere.

2 thoughts on “The story of Elliott Firby

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