Any time any where

Midnight Rider recounts his home invasion story. (h/t to Xavier). This is worth reading, so you can learn from others.

Key points that stood out to me:

  • Scumbags are opportunists. The front door was open, the dude thought he could just walk right in. Note of course little thought was given to the fact someone might be home, and that person at home might be armed.
    • There is a preference for easy targets. Don’t make yourself one.
  • Training, Training, Training
    • Don’t think you can just buy/have a gun and it will be a talisman against evil. You have to know how to use the gun, but you also need that additional “mindset training
  • Cops responded quickly, but still not quick enough if dude opted to get ugly. The well being and safety of MR and his family were his (and their) own responsibility.
  • No fear.
  • The handier your gun is, the better. When I was first picking up firearms I read Kathy Jackon’s take on safe storage around children. She said for defensive guns that a great place is right on your hip, which makes sound sense. Even when I’m at home, I carry because shit happens in a matter of seconds, and with a piece on my hip no matter where I am there’s a gun handy. Like MR, I too have folks thinking I’m nuts for doing that, but his story demonstrates why it’s good.

And to quote MR:

Gun control statistics are bullshit. This is one drawn gun incident that will never be reported as such because no shots were fired. How many more like this for every time a shot is fired in self defense?

3 thoughts on “Any time any where

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