No competition for me, yet.

I mentioned before that I’ve wanted to get into competition shooting.

Austin Lone Star Practical Pistol Club has a steel match this Sunday, but I just got the email about it and it seems like it’s going to be a big shin-dig that’s kinda appropriate for folks that have been around for a while… not exactly the place for a n00b to show up to. I could, but I think I’ll wait a month and go when things are more subdued.

Instead, I’m going to try for a nice long motorcycle ride on Sunday morning.

It’s the perfect weekend for it.

3 thoughts on “No competition for me, yet.

    • I’ll have to see. Yes, based upon what their email said it will be more interesting. But I must admit that I’m itching hard for a long motorcycle ride. I won’t ride tomorrow since everyone getting out of town for Memorial Day, it’ll be insane. Saturday will be nuts too, given the weekend. So Sunday really makes for the best riding day, and right now I think my soul needs a little 2-wheeled therapy more than lead therapy.

      But who knows. I’m not committed to much of anything this weekend other than relaxing and getting my head together. By Sunday morning I may be up for it.

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