Beautiful day for a ride

That rain that came through the area yesterday was brought by a strong cold front. This morning the temperatures were in the low 60’s and maybe even slightly lower out in the country. The skies were mostly cloudy, which helped to keep the early morning sun out of my eyes. Made for a cool but wonderful morning motorcycle ride.

The Texas Hill Country is gorgeous this time of year. Things are still green (not yet scorched by the summer heat and drought), seas of wildflowers in bloom. Rolling hills covered in lush foliage. Sure I could go 70 MPH but why? I’d miss all the beauty out there.

Bike was humming along pretty well. I noticed I was getting about 40 MPG which I am happy with, but I think the bike can do a little better. When I got home I leaned out the pilot mixture screws on both carburetors a quarter turn. We’ll see how that fares. Hopefully I can just tweak it there and don’t need to tear into the carbs to adjust things like the needle shims… much of my throttle is spent in the pilot circuit and I don’t want to lose much power in the needle circuit, so we’ll see what this tweak does. Such is the fun of a carb’ed bike. 🙂

Bottom line: I was just happy to ride. After not being able to ride to/from Houston yesterday, just being able to ride about 100 miles this morning was a welcome thing.

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