Another round of testing

Went to Houston today for another round of testing towards my 2nd degree black belt.

Today was not my day.

First, I wanted to ride my motorcycle. It would have been great. This time of year is awesome riding weather. About 300 miles round trip. Would be a nice ride. However, threats of rain grew and grew and so I opted against taking the bike. 😦  I don’t care much for riding in the rain but if it happens it happens. Thing was, it was so bright and sunny and just wonderful. The drive down? I passed motorcycle after motorcycle. Everyone was out riding, and well they should have been. I was most upset about it because it was supposed to be raining, not sunny. On the drive home, still sunny, until about half way home and then it started to pour rain. Yea! I felt vindicated in my choice of vehicles. The rain was heavy and hard enough that it actually would have been dangerous to ride. I went through numerous places where water was deep enough and the spray hard enough… the rain just came down heavy and fast. But hey, my lawn is happy.

Plus since I took the car, I opted to stop into the little gun store in Bastrop and pick up a bunch of .50 cal ammo cans as I’ve got some ammo that needs some storage. Wouldn’t have been able to buy them on the motorcycle (wouldn’t have a place to secure them for the ride home), so made the best of the situation. 🙂  Also, the store had a bunch of AR’s on the shelf. I meant to ask the price but was more interested in getting home. I like the store tho. Nice folk, they remembered me, very mom & pop and I can’t help but want to support small business.

As for testing itself…

My big problem was distractions. If there was something going on that could distract me, it did. Master Roper talking with Master Foster? That distracted me. Master Lee coming by and doing something that made me laugh. KSN Meghan watching/judging me? That was a distraction. You name it, it killed my focus. Why exactly I don’t know, but such is how it was. I tried to be focused on the matter at hand. I found myself trying to refocus myself numerous times. But my brain would constantly be elsewhere. Consequently I did not perform as well as I should. I’d be distracted then flub something.

There’s no excuse for it. In fact, I’m rather upset about it. It’s not good to let distractions get to you and let your focus be broken. But I’m human, these things happen. I just have to resolve to clear the cobwebs out. It’s actually involving a lot more than I’m willing to blog about, but I know what I need to do.

On the plus side, I’m happy with my conditioning. At the end of testing Master Roper was talking about fitness. He ran today’s test and ran it with an emphasis on just working us out: lots of punching and kicking to start, the every form 4 times each. That’s rather exhausting. His point? Self-defense is only useful if you’re fit enough. Heck, what’s a good self-defense technique? Running away! Better than getting your ass kicked or killed, eh? If you can’t get off the couch without a struggle, if you can’t walk a flight of stairs without getting winded, do you really think you have a chance at defending yourself? Even if you carry a gun for self-defense, self-defense shooting is not the same as going to the range and standing there poking holes in paper… you need to move, to “get off the X”…. shoot, move, communicate? that “move” part requires you to have enough fitness about yourself to be able to move… to run 50 yards or more to get away from the bad guy.

Fitness is important to self-defense. I’m happy that my fitness level is pretty high.

Anyway, the day wasn’t the best day, but I’m trying to make the best of it.

3 thoughts on “Another round of testing

  1. Great post Hsoi! I’m loving reading. Seems like your mind was too ‘active’ during the testing. Nothing wrong with that, being alert and aware of your surroundings is crucial for self defence. But you were obviously distracted as you say and this deterred you from your focus. The only way to get around it is to knuckle down and block out ‘unwanted’ distractions.

    Plus I loved reading the bit about taking the car over the bike, I have the same predicament a lot in the UK as it rains too much for my liking and often I take the car because the forecast is heavy rain and then it turns out to be gorgeous sun Grrrrr I hate that.

    I’ve got my 4th degree black belt testing on May 29th I’ll be posting about that on my blog.

    • Thank you, PSBN. Yes, my mind was way too active. It’s really a symptom of my life right now. I’ve got a lot of things going on, a lot of things on my mind, a lot of issues and such to sort through and deal with. Trouble is, many of them are things I can’t just “deal with” because they’re all on a calendar… I can’t speed things up and deal with it now, I gotta wait for some date to pass and the thing to be done with. It’s a bummer, but it’s life. But you’re right, there’s really no other wayt o deal with it than to knuckle down. I did my best with that, but obviously there’s room for improvement. 🙂

      Regarding the weather, when the rain finally started coming down, and heavy enough that it’d be ugly to ride in, I found myself screaming “YES! VINDICATION!” and laughing out loud. It was quite a funny part of my day. 🙂 Made up for it with a great ride on Sunday morning tho.

      Good luck with your testing! Looking forward to reading about it.

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