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I have a terrible habit. I like to buy/acquire books, and I tend to buy/acquire faster than I can read (there’s just too much good stuff out there!). As a result, my reading list grows and grows, and sometimes the only way it shrinks is to just abandon some book and hope I come back to it some day.

Another semi-bad thing is I often read multiple books at once. Maybe this book is light so it’s good for times I don’t want to get too deep into something. This book might be interesting but dense so when I’m in the can it may not make for the best reader. Maybe some concept came to me so I need to pull out this reference book and (re)examine some concepts (typically happens with martial arts stuff). Things like that. As a result, I tend to have books all around the house, bookmarked wherever I happen to be, and eventually I finish something. I am trying to change this. I am trying to keep my books isolated to as few areas in the house as possible (there’s a stack on my desk, which is my main queue; then I can have one other book floating about the house such as on my nightstand or wherever I was last reading). I am trying to stay dedicated to a single book and working my way through it, even if it’s only a few pages here and there as I have time.

My current reading? Howard Nemerov’s Four Hundred Years of Gun Control: Why Isn’t it Working? I picked up an autographed copy of the book during a class, and got to meet Howard. So far it’s a good read. The amount of research Howard put into the book is astounding. I’ll have a full review whenever I finish it (which may be a while).

I’ve currently got 8 other books in my queue, and last night Amazon delivered another 6 books (tho hopefully Wife will read at least 4 of them before I do). The reason I wrote this post? Because of Linoge’s post. I’ve wanted to read Atlas Shrugged for years, but was always put off because of the sheer size of the book vs. available time to read it. I think it’s about time, at least to buy a copy and officially add it to my queue.

6 thoughts on “My reading list

  1. I’ve tried to read Atlas Shrugged a number of times and can never make it more than 1/4 way through it.

    It’s a good insomnia remedy for me. :)-~

    • That’s a problem I tend to have with a lot of books… they put me to sleep. It’s not because they are boring or unengaging, but reading is very calming for me… perhaps too much so. 🙂 Thus another reason why I haven’t tried Atlas Shrugged. But… I’m going to give it a go and hope for the best. Even if it means 2 pages at a time…

  2. Atlas Shrugged is kind of wierd… on the one hand, it is rather mind-numbing. On the other hand, I find I have read 20 pages, and hardly noticed the passage of time. About then, I put it down, but still – kind of an interesting phenomena.

    Anywise, just about all conservative/small-l-libertarians owe it to themselves to read this book once in their lives, especially these days – the prognostication, unwitting though it might have been, is amazing.

    • That’s exactly why I want to read it.

      I actually went scavenging around the house ensuring I had all the books collected for my queue. I have 12 in my queue, then there’s 4 more from the Amazon delivery but I think the wife and kids may get to them first. So, Atlas Shrugged will come eventually… eventually. 🙂

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