Cat update

The two older cats were slated for the one-way trip to the vet earlier this week, but Wife belayed that action. Too many things were tugging on her mental and emotional state, so she wanted to postpone it.

It was good that she did.

Seems Orange Cat is getting better. It may not be lymphoma. He may just have some ugly digestive problems. He’s been on a steady diet of canned food and it seems to be improving his situation. He’s still not totally right, there’s still something abnormal with him, but his condition’s a bit better so… we’ll see where it goes. One day at a time.

Other cat tho… she’s continuing on the slow downhill course. The tumor on her hock continues to grow. She’s still managing OK. As I’ve been thinking about it, if she was out in the wild, she’d just have to live with it. Does she have any “feelings” one way or the other about it? I don’t know… it may just “be” and she just exists with it. I really can’t say. But again, she doesn’t come across in pain or much discomfort. So she chugs along. I know there will be a line to cross that says “it’s time”, and it’s coming. Just not right now.

So… we’ll see. Life’s kinda funny and interesting.

3 thoughts on “Cat update

  1. glad to hear about the cats. I think that vets have a tendency to push euthanasia sometimes with older animals to counterbalance our normal tendency to wait until the last possible moment which sometimes results in unneeded suffering for our little furry charges. As long as they can still do the basics without much difficulty (eat, breathe, pee, poop) and seem to have some enjoyment of their time, I can’t put them down.

    Out of curiosity, did the pumpkin make any difference?

    • I’ve been pleased with this particular vet. He’s realistic but he’s also very understanding. He knows all the factors that have to be balanced, and he knows that different people have different balancing points. He’s always frank and honest, but never pushes and lets you make the decisions. He’s got a good approach and I appreciate him.

      Did the pumpkin work? Well, yes and no. It did work in that when Orange cat was eating it it did seem to firm things up. But no because eventually he realized what he was eating and stopped eating it. We’d try putting less pumpkin in so he wouldn’t smell/taste it, but then it was so little that it wasn’t helping. So… technically it works, if you put in enough, and then they don’t mind eating it. 🙂

      That said tho, this move did get Orange cat to enjoy eating wet/canned cat food, and that seems to have helped him. He’s still not right, there’s still certainly something wrong with the guy, but his poops are a bit improved and there’s no more blood. So hey… if I gotta keep feeding the guy canned food, then we do. No big deal. For now, it’s bought him a stay, at least for a little while.

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