3 pets, updated

So the saga of the pets continues.

Regarding the hamster, we’ve been giving the antibiotic regularly since the vet visit, but I’m not sure how well it’s working. By feel I can’t truly tell if the abscess is changing in size, but I think it’s getting larger because it seems to be large enough to be closing his right eye (which it wasn’t before). So, we dropped him off at the vet about an hour ago to get the abscess drained. We should have a call-back later today to pick him up and see how it went. I admit, this actually has me a bit emotionally worked up. Mostly because it’s troubling Daughter, but certainly there’s some of me that just can’t stand to see the little fuzzy dude like this. It’s evident when you look at him that he’s in some level of pain and just isn’t functioning normally. 😦

Regarding the orange cat. Still no test results back, but that’s to be expected… hopefully soon tho. His diarrhea is getting worse… it’s pretty much constant, and we do believe he’s growing incontinent. After my last blog post about him, a kind gentleman emailed me about similar experiences with his cat. From what he told me I think our situations are different (I think our cat does have physical problems, given the blood and such), but similar enough that one of his suggestions we started trying this morning. Originally we were going to wait to see what the test results were, but the situation is driving my wife up the wall so we might as well try what he suggested. He suggested we take some canned food and mix some pumpkin into it. The pumpkin is simple: fiber. So on the way home from hamster-vet this morning we stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few cans of food (Wife already had canned pumpkin). Got home, fed him some, and we’ll keep this up for a bit and see if there’s any improvement.

Regarding oldest cat. Her hock is looking worse. There’s a spot on the front of the hock that’s turning black and as of yesterday seems to have broken skin, a little blood. It’s hard to tell since she doesn’t like us poking at it. I set an appointment for the vet tomorrow morning for him to look at it, assess, and a “what do we do now?” sort of thing. I’m not looking forward to this.


Needless to say with all of this going on, I’m just not feeling motivated.


Updated: Bad news: hamster died. Good news: the pumpkin seems to be working. Things are firming up. Results still preliminary, but encouraging.

I know… no guns, no politics, no martial arts, no music, no other things that I usually talk about in my blog. But, sometimes life is about other things.

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