Random thoughts from the gun range

I was able to make a quick trip to the local indoor gun range this morning to try out my new purchase. Nothing really cohesive here… just a bunch of thoughts from the trip.

First, the Buck Mark was so nice. I cleaned her before I went, to take off the manufacturing/shipping residues and ensure it was well-oiled. Daughter helped me. I do think she’s more into shooting than her brothers, which is great! She can’t wait to try out the Buck Mark. I just didn’t have time this morning (and I refuse to take my kids to the indoor range), so I’ll soon be making time to take her to the outdoor range as soon as I can. Meantime I told her we can do some dry practice with it at home so she can learn it.

At the range, it was nice. This is why I prefer going early on weekday mornings: I was the first and only person on the range. Shot benchrest so I could get the rear sight adjusted. Shot at 7 yards to get it on paper, then out to 15, then 25, then back to 7. Fine tuned along the way. Should be sighted in, but after squinting so hard for so long my eyes were getting upset with me and it’s so dark in there, so I may need to re-verify the sight-in later. I have a hard time shooting with both eyes open, but it’s something I work on and I’ll get there eventually. 

The Buck Mark itself was quite nice. It balances very well (has a 5.5″ barrel). The grip is very comfortable, but either it’s a wee thick (nah) or the magazine release button is a little short (this)… I can’t quite get my thumb to drop the magazine. I’ll have to see if there’s an aftermarket replacement for the mag release that’s just a hair bigger, but it’s a minor nit. Trigger felt nice. The magazine is a little tricky to load but once you get the hang of it, not so bad. I did buy one of these HKS magazine speed loader things, tried it once, didn’t use it again. Not that there’s anything wrong with it (I’m sure it’ll make things a bit easier for my kids), but it’s just another gadget to lose or break or forget and doesn’t really offer me any sort of advantage… certainly didn’t help me load any faster.

All in all, I’m happy with it. I really want to shoot some steel with it… that’ll be fun!

As for other things at the range…

When I arrived there were a group of guys in the parking lot talking. I figured they had just finished up and were talking before leaving. But as I was finishing up I saw they had moved into the ready area and were coming in. So, I only put about 70 rounds total downrange and did feel I got her dialed in fine, but with them coming I opted to leave a little early (only thing remaining was to just shoot offhand for some fun). I have no idea what their gun handling skills were like, but seeing some of their targets at 3 yards with holes all about well… better safe than sorry.

When I was back in the store area waiting for a cashier, I observed other people. One guy was at the rental counter trying out different guns. He would hold the gun at his stomach to rack the slide, violating rule 1 in a few ways, the biggest of which was that “into your stomach” is not a safe direction for a muzzle. Another man was getting his gun worked on. Looked to be a Ruger Charger Pistol, looked like he was getting a bore sight. Bore sight completed, employee handed the gun back to the man, then I don’t know what he was doing but he then proceeded to aim at the ground (and his feet) and do something… with his finger on the trigger. I did my best to stand somewhere else.

The shop/range wasn’t all that busy this morning, but it was enough. I try to avoid this place for these reasons (amongst others), but there are some things it’s good for (e.g. sighting in). So, when I was leaving to go there this morning I had to explain to the kids why they couldn’t go and why I won’t take them. When I got home, I was able to give them specific examples as to why I won’t take them there.

On the drive home, I thought more about the Ruger Charger. Oldest likes it because of how it looks. He really wants one. I tell him it’s just the same as the Ruger 10/22 rifle we already have (it’s the same action), just different stock/grip and shorter barrel. So that’s why I haven’t been interested in getting one as I haven’t seen the point. However as I thought about it, I think I do see a point. Sometimes I don’t like shooting the 10/22 because I want to shoot a handgun, not a rifle. Then when you consider the Ruger 10/22 is the most popular rimfire rifle in the world and has a big aftermarket, what that means is with the Charger you can have a .22 pistol with a massive aftermarket, so you can really customize and tune it just like you like it. That’s actually a pretty good thing. So no, the Charger isn’t on my “to buy” list, but now at least I’ll consider it.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts from the gun range

  1. Glad the new toy works well. We need to talk about range play day. I want to go out and just play and shoot not teaching related. Will e-mail later form home.

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