New addition to the fold

Just got back from purchasing a Browning Buck Mark.


I’ve been wanting to buy a .22 semi-automatic pistol for various reasons, biggest of which is teaching. A firearm chambered in .22 LR is a great way to introduce people to shooting because it has almost no recoil, is fairly quiet, and is easy for almost anyone to operate. It’s a great way to start off. Of course, it’s great to stick with as well… it’s a lot of fun to shoot with one of these! I’ve been hum-hawing around, trying to figure out what to buy and finally settled on the Buck Mark.

You may notice I don’t have just a plain old Buck Mark… no… it’s got color accents! I know, this makes me less tacti-cool, but my daughter likes it so that’s good enough for me. 🙂 The reason I purchased this particular model? I called around to various stores to see if they had any Buck Marks in stock and if so what models. Of all the places I called, this was the only model in stock that did not have grips with finger grooves. Since this will be a trainer gun used by people with all sorts of hand sizes, finger grooves were not desired. Furthermore, this was the 2nd to least expensive of all the ones in stock (the least expensive was only $10 less but had finger grooves). Sure I could have bought another model, but why? I’d spend more money for the gun, then have to spend even more money to replace the grips. While the next model up did have a fiber optic front sight (which I would have liked), it was $50 more, and that’s almost the cost of 2 extra magazines (which I obtained as well). Besides, I kinda like the coloring. It’s a fun accent.

Just need to give it an initial cleaning, then gotta get some time to get to the range.

Updated: Can you dry fire a Buck Mark? I’ve been Googling and finding conflicting information regarding this, so I thought I’d call Browning and ask.

No, they do not recommend dry firing a Buck Mark, at least without something like a snap cap in place.

While I know that, in general, you shouldn’t dry fire a rimfire gun (on an empty chamber), there are some where this is OK (e.g. my Ruger 10/22, the manual explicitly says it’s OK to dry fire). So I wanted to know for sure one way or the other, gave Browning a call, and there we go. Don’t do it. 🙂

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