Motorcycle maintenance

Just motorcycle maintenance… no Zen. 🙂  Still, there’s something peaceful and relaxing about wrenching on your bike.

I gave my motorcycle its annual maintenance: oil change, oil filter change, gear oil change, lube cables, lube other moving parts, check and adjust valve clearance, clean and reoil the air filters, sync the carbs, adjust the idle, etc. etc. etc..

It’s a wonderful thing about living in Texas… there is no off-season for riding, but still, gotta take care of her. Didn’t get to ride as much the past year as I wanted to, but I’ll do my best to make up for it in the coming months.

Still got a few details to tend to, like figuring out what’s up with the passing lamps, and I’ll probably have them take care of repacking the steering bearings since I just don’t feel like dealing with it.

Hopefully I can go for a nice long ride on Sunday morning.

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle maintenance

  1. “something peaceful and relaxing about wrenching on your bike”

    That’s not ZEN?

    Almost as relaxing as shooting. You, your gun and your target. Concentrate enough on it all and nothing else matters. Very relaxing.

  2. I think I wore myself out on the whole “motorcycle maintenance” thing when I was tearing my bike down to the frame completely for several years. Now, I am lucky if I actually change the oil in it.

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