Another day, another class

I was back out today at KR Training helping with classes. There were two classes today, first Defensive Pistol Skills then Handgunning: Beyond the Basics. Overall, it was a good day. I came home and didn’t have any holes in me, so I cannot complain. 8)  Wife is, understandably, happy about that too.

The classes actually went pretty smoothly, from where I sat. Sure things weren’t perfect, but all in all the students were good and things went alright. Up front however, I want to admit my goober moment. Before the first class we were out on the small range getting people properly geared up. One gentleman had brought a revolver to shoot, so I was asking John for his take on things (the gentleman also had a semi-auto and was trying to determine which he should shoot during the class). The gentleman was well behind the firing line and unholstered the revolver to hand to John. John immediately did the proper thing, directing the man to reholster… but I goobered. I said “it’s unloaded”. As soon as I said it, I realized I just had a goober moment. The reason I spoke up was because just a few minutes prior I had taken that gentleman up to the line and got things unloaded, so what I was trying to do was let John know I had cleared the gentleman. But it doesn’t matter. Rule 1? All guns are always loaded. Furthermore, proper range etiquette is that you don’t handle the gun where we were. So, I admit my goober moment in hopes someone else can learn from my mistake.

Again, I overall felt the classes ran OK. Many of the people that came for the first class stayed for the second. Because of the amount of overlap in the students between the two classes, it was cool to watch people progress all day long. So with that, I have a few comments towards the future:

Skills Build

The way classes are structured, what you are doing now is laying a foundation for what you will be doing later. This means you should pay attention to what you’re doing now. It can also perhaps provide a hint as to what’s coming later. But more importantly, as you move on to later things, don’t forget the things that you did prior. You might get taught A then B then C, but when you’re working on D, don’t forget to do A (and B and C). Everything builds, and you should keep that in mind. For those that have taken the class, I’ll just say one word: “SCAN!”. For those yet to take the class, there’s your hint for what you’ll be doing later. 🙂

Speed Is Relative

Fast is important, but I believe correct/accurate is more important. Yes it is important to go fast, but if you’re missing your target, you might be going too fast. I understand the pressures of class… the instructor wants you to go fast… there’s other people shooting faster than you… you want to go fast, you want to do well. Thus, we go fast. But here’s the thing. You can only go as fast as you can go. Yes, there will probably be someone faster than you. Yes, there will probably be someone slower than you. But who cares; this is a classroom, a place to learn, not a competition. You should go as fast as you can go that allows you to properly and correctly perform. Once you are comfortable and confident going that speed, then you should try going a bit faster.

For instance, there was one gentleman in class that was shooting all over the target… very little consistency. We watched him. He was going too fast: trying to shoot fast, pulling the trigger really fast and thus pulling the gun off target, and things just weren’t panning out for him. Eventually we got him to slow down, and slow everything down: slow down his time between shots, slow down his trigger press. Once he did this, his accuracy improved exponentially. Was he as fast as others in the class? No, but he was fast enough for himself. Now that he knows how to shoot correctly, he can work on having correct skills first then he can working speeding up those correct skills.

There’s a story of an Austin Police shooting from a few months back. Apparently that rookie police officer was shooting at the suspect, and was shooting fast. Things weren’t working. He remembered to slow down, use his sights, and he was able to take the bad guy down. 

Misses don’t count. Slow hit is better than fast miss. Work to be correct, work to be smooth, then gradually speed that up.

Mindset is Everything

This is something I actually want to devote to its own blog entry. So here it is.


So anyway, the day was good. The weather was gorgeous, a little windy, but wonderful. The drive was great too, as the wildflowers are coming up, bluebonnets are everywhere. Just a good day.

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