Easing them into life

My friend Ron stopped feeding one of his sons today.

I think it’s a great idea.

I hadn’t thought about doing this specific thing, but I’m going to add it to my agenda for my own kids. I have been allowing Oldest to make more of his own choices mistakes, which is good. He’s got enough knowledge and experience in his head to be given some free reign and jurisdiction over himself. We still guide him and sometimes we have to make the decision for him, but in the end the consequences (good and bad) are his to receive, and any mistakes are his to deal with.

I have felt that when 16 years old comes around, we won’t buy any of the kids a car. If they want a car, they pay for it. I might go in half with them, we’ll have to see how prices are. But things like gas, insurance, money for whatever fun they want to have… they have to get that on their own. Basically, if you want things in life, you gotta work for it and earn it. It’s how life is (or at least, is supposed to be), so get used to it.

Also once they can start to drive I want them to take at least one class at the local community college to get used to how they are. Again, easing them into the real world.

Anyway, thanx for the idea Ron. Good one.

One thought on “Easing them into life

  1. One thing to think about when it comes to cars at 16. My eldest didn’t really want to drive, but we wanted them to go to the local community college. It just got to be too big a pain driving them everywhere. So in the end we made him get a driver’s license and his grandparents gave him a truck.

    They do have to pay their own gas and insurance, whether they wanted the car or not.

    He still doesn’t care about the car, and we decided – with his agreement – that he isn’t taking it to college. He can walk everywhere there, so he doesn’t have to have one. We’ll see how that works out.

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