Back from Springer Precision

I sent a Springfield XD-9 to Springer Precision to get some custom work done. FedEx man just came by and dropped off my package. I’m happy!

The trigger job is fantastic. The trigger is now is about as efficient as one can get. It feels amazing in dry fire. I’d like to try it out side-by-side with my buddy’s Wilson 1911 to see how the triggers compare. I’m sure the 1911’s will be better, but this feels like it’ll be about as close as one can get.

The Dawson Precision sights. I got the front fight as a red fiber optic 0.100″. It’s a little narrower than I expected, but the red dot still shines brightly. I also like the slightly wider notch on the all-black fixed rear sight (I think it’s 0.125″ but I could be wrong… I’ll have to ask). The front/rear combination lets in a lot of light around the front sight (compared to the stock sights) and again in dry fire my eyes seem to like that a lot more. Heck, even taking my glasses off (and my eyesight is horribly near-sighted) I can roughly make out the sight picture because I can see that light coming in. This’ll be interesting to experiment with.

And then, got a factory cleanup. I’m not sure all the little details that were done, but I can see a lot of polished pieces, gun oil everywhere. Slide even felt different to me first time I racked it out of the box. Working the gun felt smoother.

Now I just need to get to the range to try it out…. 

I will say I’m glad I got a lot of work done at once. The shipping costs were ridiculous (you must ship overnight priority), but you can contact Scott ahead of time and he’s able to give a discount, which helps but still overnight for such a “heavy” package is crazy. If you’re thinking of doing this, just make sure you spend more on the work than on shipping!

Also, turnaround was pretty good. I dropped it off at a shipping facility on the 17th, and I have it back today (10 days end to end).

More later….


Updated: Got to the range.

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