Scout Rifles

JR’s econo-scout (h/t Tam). I was looking at this very same setup myself: the Savage Scout, the Leupold scope, etc. but I opted to go for the gusto and instead got a Springfield M1A Scout Squad, a Burris handgun scope 2-7x-32mm, a Galco Safari Ching Sling. No bipod at this time tho.

Why did I go for this?

Well, I’d still love to get one of the Savage rifles someday, but there’s something about the M1A/M14 platform that’s tough to beat. I knew that’s what I wanted and if I went for the Savage, I’d still want the M1A/M14 eventually so I might as well go for what I really wanted. 

While the dedicated scout scopes are good, I had been reading at the M-14 The Firing Line Forums about different scopes and the Burris had come up numerous times. I can crank it down to 2x and get the same effect, or crank it up to 7x and I’ve been having fun out to 200 yards (haven’t been able to shoot beyond that yet). Yes it makes things slightly heavier, but to me that’s just reason to get stronger.

I went with the Safari Ching Sling because that’s the evolution of the Ching Sling by the creator of it.

Nevertheless, JR’s got a great setup. If you’re not familiar with the scout rifle concept, it’s a creation of Col. Jeff Cooper and you should read his notes on the concept.

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