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A few weeks ago I was a student of KR Training’s Defensive Long Gun course.

The intent of the course is to lay the foundation for the use of a long gun in a defensive manner. While many such courses are about “defensive shotgunning” or “defensive carbine”, this course is unique in that it’s about the use of any long gun: rifle, shotgun, or pistol caliber carbine. The basic principles are the same regardless of the particular firearm: presentation, rapid acquisition of sight picture (cleardistinctfrontsightpost-press-cleardistinctfrontsightpost), shooting from standing, shooting from kneeling, shooting around barriers, shooting distances of 3-25 yards, cover, movement. Another nice thing about having any sort of long gun in the class is that you get to see the effects of other long guns. For instance, shotguns are wicked things but as the distance to the target increases it becomes difficult to control where every pellet lands (e.g. at 25 yards, maybe you’ll need to use a slug). Or as well, using an AR, where the sights are very high above the bore, when shooting at close ranges you really have to compensate with holdover. The class gives you an opportunity to not only pick up skills with your choice of long gun, but it also gives you a chance to see how other long guns fare in the same contexts, learn the strengths and weaknesses of each. The class does teach some specifics about particular long guns (e.g. good techniques for shotgun reloading), but for the most part you realize that the principles are the same.

The “defensive” aspect is using the long gun for self-defense (i.e. this isn’t a gunfighting course, this isn’t military training). The course is aimed for situations such as home-defense, or maybe you’ve got a lot of land and need to be mindful as you’re out working on your property (people in Texas can have vast acreage). There’s time taken in the course to talk about tactics, situations, mindset, law and legal implications.

One other thing that I appreciate about KR Training’s classes (mostly in the more advanced courses) is the use of FoF — Force On Force. This is using things like AirSoft guns with safety gear, which allows us to actually shoot each other. The purpose is to role play, to be in scenarios. It’s realistic training, and any martial artist can tell you that training “alive” is the best way to train. What I like about such training is it’s open-ended: you get put into a situation, you have to figure how to get out — and the answer often doesn’t involve shooting anyone. It enables you to be in as close to a real situation as possible, but no one gets hurt; in fact, usually what gets hurt is your ego (that’s fine). This is the time and place to make mistakes and learn from them, in a forgiving learning environment. I find these situations to be the most humbling and best ways to learn. It’s a shame I cannot take KR’s AT-2 Class on Feb. 28. If you can, you should.

Anyways, some pictures from the Defensive Long Gun Class were just posted. Here’s a couple with me in them:

KR Training Defensive Long Gun 2009 Class - Students shooting from kneeling

KR Training Defensive Long Gun 2009 Class - Students shooting from kneeling

KR Training Defensive Long Gun 2009 Class - Students shooting around cover

KR Training Defensive Long Gun 2009 Class - Students shooting around cover

I have to say, all of this has entered into changing my choice of home defensive firearm.

11 thoughts on “Defensive Long Gun

  1. John, glad you enjoyed and learned in class. As always, it is educational for the instructors as well. It seems I always learn a little something from students in each class. Look forward to seeing you again soon.
    John “TXGunGeek”

    • Every class I’ve taken there I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from. And not just course material, but the informal talking with instructors like you is also very educational. I wish I could take your reloading class but I’ll be out of town. Hopefully next time. Either way tho, I’ll see you soon around the range.

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