Report To State

This morning is the Texas Boy Scouts annual Report To State Parade. Every year during February (the month of Scouting’s birth in the United States), Scouts from all around Texas converge on the state capitol.

For one day, downtown Austin becomes a sea of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers and Sea Scouts from all over Texas marching down Congress Avenue to the Capitol. From there, special Scout delegates from each council in the state go to the floor of the House of Representatives and report to member of the state government about Scouting activities from the past year, and plans for the future. The Capitol Area Council’s organization and execution of this program has become the standard for other councils across the country. It is a unique opportunity for the Scouts that take part.

I’ve done this numerous times in the past when my older son was a Scout, and now I’m doing it again with my younger son as a Scout. While the morning is long and boring because you do a lot of waiting for your turn to walk, it’s really cool to see Scouts from all around the state, their floats, where they’re from. It’s actually pretty neat. It’s also cool to watch the kids, because now they get to be in a parade, and that’s pretty neat for them. Weather should be nice too. Of course, I am going on about 4 hours of sleep….


Update: Back from the parade. Good turnout. Was a lot of fun. As an unexpected bit of fun, Austin Chief of Police, Art Acevedo happened to be by our float while we were waiting to go. He hopped into the trailer with the boys and had a little fun with my son. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to get WordPress to embed this video, so you’ll just have to click here in order to see it.

2 thoughts on “Report To State

  1. loving the generated link: Are there gay Girl Scouts and should I buy cookies?

    Duty, Honor and Allah is a good one too 🙂

    look for media links in the interface above where you post your entries. Usually an embed key.

    • Where are you seeing these generated links? I had nothing to do with either of those. I know that sometimes can have a section of “related links” or “other links of interest”, which of course can vary from time to time. I guess you’re referring to those. Yeah, those are kinda funny in this context.

      As for the media links, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. But if you’re meaning in reference to the little movie I have in this post, I just can’t do it. apparently doesn’t grok QuickTime, tho if I have my own hosted WordPress-blog there’s a plugin I can get that enables QuickTime movies to be embedded. Thus why I had to do it like I did. Check the rest of my blog… I’ve got embedded stuff in other places, since will grok some video places like YouTube and the like.

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