My politics

I’d rather discuss religion than politics, but here we are. 🙂

As far back as I can remember, I’ve somehow been involved in politics. My father has been an elected public servant in numerous offices throughout most of my life. And I think it’s because of this that I have some draw to politics and political involvement, but I also just can’t stand it because it’s hit rather close to home in ways that most people never experience and can’t fully understand. If I ever go into politics, it won’t be until after my kids are grown and out of the house. 

I may have been raised in a Republican household with conservative ideals, but I’ve moved around the political spectrum in my life. My time in undergrad probably moved me more towards the left, but I think it also pushed me more towards true conservative ideals because being around all those “open minded” people showed me just how closed minded and self-centered folks can be. I guess going “right” was my rebellion 😉

These days tho, I find great disgust with both established political parties. 

  • The Democrats want to legislate compassion, and use our money to do it.
  • The Republicans want to legislate morality, and use our money to do it.

While I see nothing wrong with compassion or morality, I don’t think the force of law should be involved. And if my money is going to be used for moral or compassionate causes, I’d like to control what causes my money funds. The two big political parties want more government, both want to intrude more into your life, both are just corrupt as hell. Maybe they have good intentions, but that’s what paves the road to Hell. I didn’t like Bush and what he, his administration, and the Congress of the last 8 years botched up. So far I do not like what Obama is doing, nor what Pelosi and crew in Congress are up to either. Obama ran on a platform of not being the same as Bush, but all he’s done so far is demonstrate that he’s the same – maybe his corruptness is different, but it’s still corrupt. 

If there’s any political group I’d affiliate myself with, it’d be Libertarians. The main reason? I like that US Constitution and think that those that swear to uphold it ought to. My country is a Republic; we grant that some law is necessary to maintain order and allow people to live freely and prosper. But when government gets too big, too intrusive, when it goes beyond its Constitutionally set boundaries, I have a problem with that. See my posting about simplicity; we don’t need more laws, we need to simplify.

For me, it’s about being left alone. Do you like it when people stick their nose in your business? Do you like people bugging you all the time? Do you like people telling you what to do, or forcing you to do things you don’t like? I don’t. And it’s simple. I’ll leave you alone to live your life. All I ask in return is you leave me alone to live my life. Have some respect and consideration for each other, and just leave things alone. 

Freedom is letting things be. (Brian Enos)