Chinese IPSC shooting

Looks to be IPSC-style shooting in China (h/t Tom)

It may be slightly slow shooting, but he’s hitting everything and at distance. Pretty good if you ask me.

I love the falling steel targets. 🙂

Julie Golob – 2010 Steel Challenge

Yesterday I posted video of Julie Golob’s 2010 Wyoming Steel Challenge performance.

Here’s Julie’s performance at the 2010 Steel Challenge (world championship)

Great footage. Just watch her shoot. Form, technique. That’s solid shooting.

Practical Shooting Tips

Here’s a collection of tips on shooting IPSC/USPSA.

Nathan Taylor at the USSA ProAm

Local competition shooter Nathan Taylor has a video of his performance at the recent USSA ProAm. For how the match works, read this.

If you read the July 2010 KR Training newsletter, you’d learn that Nathan won 1st B class in Open Amateur.

Nice shooting, Nathan! I like watching the speed of his reloads, and I also like the fact that he’s honest about his performance… where he messes up or has a problem. He doesn’t hide it. Shows that everyone makes mistakes, and just because something flubs doesn’t mean all is lost. Always keep fighting! Lots can be learned from watching that video.

Splits and transitions

Watching Matt Burkett’s DVD Volume 4 How to Shoot Faster.

It’s a segment on cadence. The drill they’re using is 3 targets at however many yards (probably 7 to 10), 2 shots on each. Matt is stressing the importance of a steady cadence. That is, it shouldn’t sound like: bangbang–pausetransition–bangbang–pausetransition–bangbang. It should sound like bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang. It’s a combination of both slowing down your splits (time between shots on target) and speeding up your transitions (time between shots on different targets), but the point of the drill is getting people to speed up their transitions because we tend to focus so much on improving our splits and not our transitions.

But what hit me was hearing Matt do the math on how important transition time is when it comes to match competition. What follows is a rough transcription:

The US Nationals… let’s rough it out with like 400 rounds, so it would be 200 targets, 2 rounds on each.Well there’s 100 splits and 100 target transitions then. Big chunks of time there. If you have a tenth of a second or two-tenths of a second per target transition, at the end of the match you’re 10 seconds behind somebody else right off the bat. You’re really behind.

Matt was talking off the top of his head, so you can see the math is a little loose, but the point remains.

Karl’s pointed this out to me before. It’s hearing the math that stood out to me.

My First IPSC Match Scores

The scores from my first IPSC match have been posted.

I suck! 🙂

To keep things in perspective, this was my first time and so I was going slow because I don’t know how to play the game. Along the lines of not knowing how to play the game, there were learning experiences with Comstock scoring; say if I shot twice on a target and one shot was a clean shot to a no-shoot I could shoot again and that would have affected my score. So, I don’t take my scores from the match as any sort of gospel as to what sort of shooter I am. However, it is some degree of a snapshot and I want to analyze things to see where I need to improve.

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Random stuff

From today… just some random bits of things.


I’m peeved that my iPhone went dead. I have no idea what caused the sudden drain of battery. Google turns up this isn’t an unheard of thing and hypotheses are some apps just are poor at battery management. That perhaps somehow I put the phone to bed with particular apps still running and someone sucked the battery dry. Don’t know, but oh well.

Managing Unknown Contacts

To understand the term “Managing Unknown Contacts” (MUC) see here or here. I failed at this this morning. *sigh* When I left the house this morning I stopped into the drug store to get some food and drink to eat during the match. When I went in I saw a girl (probably 18-25 years old) gathering her stuff on a bench outside the store. I go inside, do my thing, I come back out to my car and the girl approaches me. Initially I was stand-off-ish and unwilling to help her, but she ultimately said she just wanted directions. I answered her question and she went on her way. So, it was probably nothing.

However, I got in the car and realized I failed MUC. I didn’t move well, I didn’t use my hands right (e.g. fence), wrong dialogue. I know why: I was preoccupied with the match. Bad bad bad me. *sigh*


I am surprised at the number of people who have CHL’s but don’t carry. So… why do you have a CHL?

People at the match seemed surprised that I came to the match carrying and that I wanted to leave the match carrying. They were surprised at my carry. I was surprised at their surprise, and at their lack of carry.

I want to start asking people who have a CHL why they have a CHL if they don’t carry… and carry always (apart from legal or other such reasons).


I got to try a Hornady Lock-n-Lock AP. I’m sold. No the Dillon isn’t bad, but there’s no question the LnL AP is evolution.

Walked away with a LOT of 9mm brass today (lots of people didn’t want their brass). Happy me.

Match People

I forgot to mention about the match. I was surprised at the level of shooters. I figured it was a local club and that it might not be that hot… maybe one or two guys, but that’d be it. I was floored at the number of people with “sponsor” shirts on, race guns, and other very serious gear and really into it. Lots of quality shooters. It was good to watch them and how they went about things, from how people choose to handle the course of fire (I like that about IPSC, vs. IDPA) to how they shot (e.g. the steady cadence in particular strings of the stage). Or just being impressed with how fast some of these guys are.


I love my wife. She supports me. She is a rock for me.

My First IPSC Match


I got to try my hand at action pistol competition. Specifically, an IPSC (USPSA) match run by the Austin Lone Star Practical Pistol Club (ALSPPC) and hosted by the Austin Rifle Club.

Foo.c was there too. In fact, we were on the same squad together.

This is the first time I’ve done any sort of formal firearms competition. Why do it? Because I can. Because I’m curious what it’s all about. Because I’d like to test my skills in pressure situations, and push myself to improve. I know this is not “self-defense handgunning” and I don’t pretend that it is. I do think it can be likened to sparring or how any sort of competition is akin to “self-defense” and “on the street”. It will still make me a better shooter, period, even if it’s not all “tactical”.

There were 66 people participating (fairly big turnout). Everyone was broken up into 5 squads, since there were 5 courses of fire, one in each of the 5 shooting bays. Because there were a lot of people, the match did take a while to do… 4-5 hours to run the actual match. Frankly, that’s the biggest downside to this. Cumulatively I shot probably what? 5 minutes? And meantime I was there 5 hours (a total of about a 7 hour day, including driving time). That’s the biggest bummer about it all is all the “hurry up and wait”. I will say I did like how our squad ran, in that everyone contributed to helping with tasks to make things move quickly: taping targets, resetting poppers, picking up brass, scoring, etc.. Because everyone chipped in, our squad moved along pretty well. The bummer was the squad in front of us in the rotation was moving very slowly (few people on that squad were helping) and the held up the waterworks, which was a shame. But oh well, this is how it goes.  The only other downside was today was unseasonably warm, but still a great sunny day for shooting.

So what was good about it?

Why the shooting, of course! The courses of fire were fun and challenging. I am “unclassified” since this is my first match, and I shot in a division called “Production”, which is basically using a factory-produced firearm. It can have a few modifications (e.g. better sights), but it’s nothing like the highly-customized race guns. Works fine for me, because at this point who cares. I just wanted to go and try… there’s no “gaming” involved in this (yet) for me.

My goals? To learn how to shoot IPSC, to not come in last (ha!), and to have fun. As of this writing, I don’t know the results of the match, but I did learn how to shoot it and I did have fun. I also learned a few things. I need to continue to familiarize myself with the rules of the game so I can just “go” and not have to sweat some of the stuff (e.g. making up a hit on a no-shoot). I need to do a lot more dry fire working on my trigger control (sometimes I was pressing “too hard” and thus end up pulling the muzzle down). I need to work on my long-distance shooting. A lot of the shooting today was at longer distances and it’s on those I had the most trouble; most of my handgun work is defensive handgunning and thus mostly at closer distances (and those I shot fine).

Another good thing? The people. Everyone in my squad ranged from friendly to very friendly. We had a mix of old timers and n00bs like me. While the guys that knew each other certainly joked around a lot with each other, they were all willing to answer questions, help out, and just talk and have fun. It was a great attitude and great group of people. I’m sure I’ll see many of them again at future matches. This is also a good thing because of the wait factor. Having good people to talk with really helps pass the time.

So that’s all good stuff. I learned a bit about how to shoot IPSC. I learned about some things I need to work on. I had a pretty good day. I’m sure I’ll do it again.

BTW, no pictures because something strange happened with my iPhone and it lost all battery charge. Don’t know why, but I’m bummed I couldn’t get any pictures or video because the phone crapped out. Oh well, next time.

Making Lemonade

This weekend marks the opening of the (firearm) deer hunting season in Texas.

And I won’t be a part of it.


All that work on the lease, working towards this point. And I can’t capitalize on it. My first opening weekend.


Why not? Work obligations. To be fair, no one at work is forcing me to do this. I spoke with a co-worker about a problem the product is presently experiencing, and given the scope of the problem, the customer requirements, the greater implications for relations and contracts and revenue and so on well… in my mind the only right thing to do is stay home and work on the problem.

I’m mostly doing it out of obligation to myself. I just feel that’s the right thing to do. As soon as the fix is completed and given to the QA department, you better believe I’ll be out hunting. The rut is on and I don’t want to miss it. I already put in for a day off (to have made for a longer weekend), so if it means mid-week next week I just take a single day and spend it out in the stand, then that will have to do.

It’s life. These things happen. You roll with it. And in this case, I may be able to make some lemonade.

You see, due to all the rain we’ve been having the action shooting bays at the Austin Rifle Club have been soggy and any Steel and IPSC matches have been cancelled for the past some months. Finally the rain has held off long enough for ARC to get in and repair the bays, and so this weekend ALSPPC won’t be holding an IPSC match: they’ll be holding 2 IPSC matches! One on Saturday, one on Sunday. If you read this blog regularly you know I’ve been trying to get out to competition but the weather and range issues or some other 3rd thing always prevented it. But now it’s here, and if workload is such that I wouldn’t be able to go hunt, I ought to be able to at least slip away for half a day and shoot my first IPSC match.

Don’t know how it will go just yet, but here’s hoping for a little lemonade this weekend.

Updated: I want to go on public record saying, Jon you’re a good guy.

Rain rain go away

…. actually no, don’t go away because we need a lot more to recover from this drought. In fact, even more rain would be appreciated.

The bummer is that I’ve been trying to do some action shooting competition, be it IPSC or Steel Challenge stuff, and every match the past some whiles and into the foreseeable future have been cancelled due to rain… either rain coming down or too much rain beforehand and the ranges are soggy messes.

Such is the case again this weekend.


I really want to start, I try to keep my schedule open… but the rains come. I’m happy for the rain tho.