About Hsoi

I’m John C. Daub, and I’ve gone by the nickname “Hsoi” since my undergraduate days long ago. This is my place to say what I want, and while you’re welcome to be here, you’re still a guest in my house so behave accordingly.

A minor glimpse of me:

  • Husband
  • Father
  • Software Architect
  • Teacher, Mentor
  • Founder & CEO — Hsoi Enterprises LLC
  • Senior Assistant Lead Instructor, KR Training.
  • Author
  • Some people like to see other profiles
  • Rangemaster Certified Master Firearms Instructor.
  • Force Science Institute Analyst.
  • OC Spray Instructor (under Chuck Haggard).
  • Texas License To Carry (LTC) Handgun Instructor (formerly known as Concealed Handgun License or “CHL”).
  • NRA Certified Instructor (Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, CCW), Range Safety Officer, Eddie Eagle volunteer.
  • Benefactor (Life) Member, National Rifle Association; Benefactor (Life) Member, Texas State Rifle Association; Life Member, Second Amendment Foundation; Life Member, Gun Owners of America; Member, Firearms Policy Coalition.
  • “Small-l” libertarian, I suppose (fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and generally “leave me alone, don’t tread on me” sort of approach to things).
  • Former martial arts student
  • I lift weights.
  • Baptised Presbyterian, living in a Roman Catholic household.
  • Texan by choice.
  • Long-haired metalhead, with occasional hippie tendencies (e.g. prefer bare feet to combat boots).
  • I like to fish, hunt, see live music, enjoy a glass of fine bourbon, maybe a cigar now and again, and spend time with my wife and kids.
  • Korean, German, Scotts-Irish.

But in the end… I’m “just some guy.” I don’t consider myself to be anyone special, but my self-esteem is just fine.

Views expressed here in posts authored by me are my own; they should reflect on no one but myself. Your comments and behavior reflect on you.

I’m not one for bullshit. I do my best to not bullshit people, I don’t like to be bullshitted, and I generally don’t put up with bullshit. Life’s too short for games and bullshit. Be honest and straight with people.

Any reviews of services or products are my own opinion based upon my experiences up to that time. I receive no compensation, free product samples, favors, etc. in exchange for whatever I write. If however I do, I’ll be up front about it.

If you wish to link to my blog or pages in the blog, you are welcome to do so (linking… it’s what the “ht” in “http” is all about). Just remember that all material here is mine and under my copyright, so please don’t misattribute or steal. And it would be appreciated if you did provide proper attribution.

If you need to contact me for some reason, you can do so at:  hsoi (at) hsoi (dot) com.

49 thoughts on “About Hsoi

  1. Hi –

    Was thinking about you recently and the Houston to Omaha roadtrip. Thought it was about time we were back in touch. Hit me up on LinkedIn, FB, or email. I’d love to trade war stories. 😉


  2. John, i already know who you are, but i salute your willingness to reveal it here.

    I always use my REAL name when i’m anywhere on the net. Anonimity on the net allows cowards to spew venom instead of engage in honest discourse which they will stand behind

    I had noted on my own blog that the rambling, disrespectful posts were always from people who didn’t have the courage of their convictions to self-identify. I eventually adopted the policy that i would just not give my ear to anyone who felt a need to hide behind their faceless keyboard. I MAY have missed something of value because of that policy, but i suspect that the time i have not wasted has made that the best choice overall.

    • If someone wants to hide, I don’t have too much problem with that for the person may have a legit reason for doing so. I certainly see no reason to deny anonymity as a whole because it has its place. But that said, I can only take what they say with so much authority because we cannot know who the person is making those statements.

      Like it says above… if you’re going to say it, you ought to have the honor and integrity to stand behind what you say.

  3. Hi John
    I just tried to send you an email to your above address but am getting an error back: The error that the other server returned was: 501 501 : domain missing or malformed (state 14).
    Could you contact me via my email?

  4. Came here from “Practice Deck” app, and like what I’ve read so far. Here in Germany we are working with PTW/Airsoft as real steel is next to impossible — heavy regulation/cost etc. I’m the one pushing my small group of friends to get real benefits from our get-togethers and your app, and ideas are fresh grist for this mill, thanks!

  5. The Libertine thing intriques me. Did I get it right? One of the most fascinating people I have ever met states he’s libertine.
    I’m going to start doing research. Thanks

  6. Now I’ve seen that I was mistaken. What;s the difference, if you could please advise.
    My politics have always been Dave Mustaine/Megadeth based. ?

  7. Hi John
    I am on the board of a local youth sports association and I wanted to make sure we are reaching out to the home schooled kids.
    We are in the Austin area so if you have any leads on local websites please let me know and we will incorporate it in our outreach.

  8. I am new to Kuk Sool Won – about to take my yellow belt test. I decided to enroll after watching my 8 year old son (I am 38) take for several months. I studied Shotokan sporatically when I was in high school and have always missed the martial arts. I enjoy reading your posts as they add greatly to my understanding of KSW, and martial arts in general. Please continue!

    • Ah well… I left WKSA a number of years ago (just before the latest “schism”). I still have a number of friends active in both WKSA and in the new factions (e.g. Master Byung In Lee’s Moo Sool Won), and I still think of my time there fondly. It’s a good art, and I hope it can find it’s direction again.

      Study hard and work hard, sir. It’s a good journey.

    • I don’t know. It’s been a few years since I worked with PackageMaker, and then only did a few things.

      I would suspect it could be possible. Write the plugin, have -shouldExitPane: return NO if the validation fails…. I suppose. But again, it’s been years since I’ve used PM. Sorry.

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