Day 211

It’s day 211 of my 100 Day Challenge. Habits are improved, tho still poor. But as I’ve said, discipline done poorly is better than none.

How are things going?

Read Every Day

This is the one I’ve sucked the most at. I’ve been reading Gym Launch Secrets and stuck on it for a while. I lost a bit of steam because of other life factors. I also don’t like how the book feels a little… slimy sales. I mean, I get it. The information in there is actually pretty solid. It does signal the reality that if I did, sales would be life. I have to figure how to sell well without feeling sales-y, y’know?

But I’m basically done reading the book. I think of my stack, The Effective Executive is most appropriate to read next.

“Yoga” Every Day

I’m better at this.

You’d be surprised how much your posture affects your… everything, really. If you don’t move your body, stretch it, put it through its paces, it will “shrivel up” and that does cause you problems.

I need to do more for my adductors, in addition to neck and upper back.

One thing I think I must finally do is update my office/desk layout for better ergonomics. I just need to figure out now what, given my needs and constraints. I know my wrist pain/issues are due in part to typing and suboptimal ergos and habits.

Workout Every Day

Gym, no problem.

Dry fire. Problem. The wrist injury has kept me from doing anything; yeah I could practice SHO, but the injury took some steam out of me too. But I did start to poke at that LCR .22. I picked up a PHLster City Special for it. The velcro backing just got delivered so I can put a little wedge/cushion behind it.

Eating – and being less fat

This is improving too. I’m doing more meal prep, which is helping with compliance. If I make sure I get at least 200g of protein every day (by rough calculations), I’m good. Biggest trick is making sure I get that protein shake in the early afternoon.

I still snack more than I should, but it’s reduced. Using Macrofactor in a semi-bastardized way, which is helping at least bring visibility. My weight is slowly trending downwards. On that tho, bodyweight is not the only factor because with my switch to a more intensive hypertrophy lifting style (heavily influenced by some recent “preachings” by Paul Carter on effective reps). There is obvious hypertrophy – which means I’m gaining muscle… I’m gaining weight. I mean, if I’m at least hanging at a bodyweight, yet I see bigger muscles and more showing through? I think that’s a sign of recomp, which is cool. Vincent Dizenzo remains an inspiration and reminder of (consistent) progress over time is what matters. Plus, I also saw something from Nick Shaw of RP that showed he had less than 100% meal/diet compliance, working towards being in the best shape of his life.

Besides, if I want to do what I want to do, I need to look the look and walk the walk. So, that’s providing me with purpose.

I’m working to become comfortable with being hungry.



Slow progress is still progress.
Slow progress is still progress.