18 of 100 Days

It’s day 18 of my 100 Day Challenge.

I’ve skipped the gym this week. I’ve used the time to get caught up on lots of little things. That feels good. When you have a lot of shit on your plate, especially shit that’s been there for a while? It’s harder to clear off. I’m working on clearing that shit.

I’m still shitty about my posture, especially when sitting, but I’m being more aware of it. I think I need to do some computer/desk adjustment (e.g. more external monitors on adjustable swing-arms). I am still trying to be good about “doing my yoga” every day – some days it’s a “worth doing poorly” sort of thing, but at least I did something. For sure, my body is feeling better.

I did some things I didn’t expect. My day job instituted an unlimited PTO policy; I’m taking proper advantage of it. I took last Friday off, went to the A-Zone Range. I just wanted to do some shooting – but I wound up starting a YouTube channel. It was not necessarily planned, but it was a logical next step and I just rolled with the momentum. I have no idea what I’ll do with this, but I’ll walk the road a bit.

I’m getting shit done. I still have a lot of shit ahead of me, but I’m making headway. That feels fucking good.

I remember reading something. My memory says it’s from Steven Spielberg. Something like: if it’s important, do it first. That may seem self-evident, but upon deeper reflection it’s not; and it’s something we can always improve at. Consider how much in our lives we consider important but we put it off until later: calling your mom and dad; telling people how much you love and appreciate them; all those things you lament not doing with someone after you learn they passed away. When I wake up, I don’t rush to work – “work/day job” isn’t the first major portion of my day. I wake up, I go to the gym or I spend time in my office working on my things (e.g. Daub, Hsoi, KRT). What is important? Me. My family. I have to take care of me, and the better me is cared for, the better me can care for others. So, me is important, I do me first. Gym, dad/husband/household things, second-life stuff… I try to do “before work”.

So if I have to sacrifice a little gym time to clearing my queue? Worth it.

On the gym, I do think my body isn’t looking forward the heavy 5s as I’ve noticed the days I’m cool with skipping are squat days. I don’t hate squats as much any more – and I would love to squat 4 plates again. But as much as I love 5/3/1, eventually it beats me up. I’ve got a few things that I have to work around (pec, hamstring), so being “strict to 5/3/1” really isn’t in the cards any more (it was good while it lasted). I can remain principled to it but take a different approach. I may do something like the Paul Carter 54321-50% thing, then onto more bodybuilding-style stuff.

I’ve noticed an improvement in dot acquisition and body index. Playing around with grip pressure vs. trigger finger.

The video/YouTube was a diversion, but it happened so I needed to just get it done. Part of the challenge is finding the right timebox for doing videos, including the production work (if I can get it done over a weekend, great). I need to get back to and finish writing/editing the “Minimum Competency” update – including the Minimum Competency Assessment (v3) that I mentioned in the red dot video.

After that, I can do my income taxes. Yes, filed an extension. This is the next big thing for me.

Diet. Mrs. Hsoi has been wonderful in her support, helping with meal prep. It’s helping. Still, I think I’m going through an extinction burst here. Makes sense – it’s about time for the body to complain a bit. I still struggle here. I like getting big, but I hate getting fat.

I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet with small updates in my 4 challenge areas. It’s been an interesting exercise to write/record my progress.

It’s enlightening to see what’s changing in and around me. Not sure what to make of anything yet, but I’m enjoying the ride.