2018-08-10 training log

Today ends both the deload AND this first mesocycle. It was productive, fun, and I’m looking forward to the next 3 months.

Since I’ve been using the “new” powerlifting equipment all week, I opted to finish out the week with the same for Press.

It was different.

First, I felt really naked. No rack, no catch/spotter/saver bars, no nothing — just out in space lifting. Then, because of where the racks are located relative to the group classes, I had a LOT of visual traffic to contend with. It wasn’t a big deal for squatting – there’s a half-wall, eyes are somewhat down, and I’m squtting down so the wall is most of what I see. But here? I’m standing up, eyes are forward, and all the traffic was literally in front of my face. I’m not mad at the people in the group class — they gotta do their stuff too! It’s just stuff, and there’s potential for people to get a little too close for comfort. So pressing may be something I continue to do in the main racks on the other side of the gym. But squat, bench, deadlift? Yeah, I’m going to continue in the powerlifting area for now.

Otherwise, today was today. Just some deload lifts, light accessory work. I did make one change at the end. Instead of the lying triceps extensions, I opted to do JM Presses. Why? Just for variety, and something a bit heavier — most of my other triceps work is higher rep, so this I’ll probably keep in the 8-ish range.

Anyways, next week is setting up to be fun!

5/3/1 (3rd cycle, anchor, 3/5/1, PR, Jokers, FSL; modified for knee rehab)

  • Press
    • bar x 5
    • 75 x 5
    • 95 x 5
    • 115 x 3
    • 135 x 3
    • 155 x 2
    • 175 x 1
    • 135 x 10
  • Bent-over Lateral Raises (superset with press warm-up sets)
    • 20e x 10
    • 20e x 10
    • 20e x 10
    • 20e x 10
  • Normal-grip Pulldowns (superset with press work sets)
    • 145 x 10
    • 145 x 10
    • 145 x 10
  • Barbell Rows (superset with press FSL sets)
    • 165 x 8
  • JM Press
    • 95 x 10
  • BB Curl
    • 45 x 20