No! No! 1000 times No!

A man was shot at after he said he flipped off another driver on the highway in Travis County, deputies say. Meanwhile, that suspect driver told them he believed he was allowed to fire a “warning shot.”

Read the whole thing. (h/t KR Training)

Everything is wrong here.

Driver 1 gets cut off in traffic, so he gets pissed and flips off Driver 2.

Driver 2 gets pissed off and pursues Driver 1.

Driver 2 pulls out a gun and shoots at Driver 1.

Driver 2 gets followed by police. Police observe an occupant of Driver 2’s car throw marijuana out the window.

Driver 2 gets pulled over. Admits to what he did.

“Ernesto [Molinary-Garcia] stated that he did so because he was under the belief that he was allowed, as a Licensed Handgun Carrier, to shoot a ‘warning shot,’” the affidavit stated. “Ernesto claimed that [the victim] was purposefully merging into his lane while on the on-ramp after the near-collision incident.”

WTF? There is no where in Texas statute that permits this (reference: LTC-16, the official document published by the Texas Department of Public Safety that contains the relevant portions of statute for license holders). And if his LTC Instructor taught him this, that instructor needs to have their credentials pulled immediately. However, I suspect he wasn’t taught this and is either bullshitting or a dumbass; maybe both.

Everything in here is wrong. Both parties made poor choices. Both parties are paying the price for their poor choices.

Learn from this: do NOT do what either party did.

4 thoughts on “No! No! 1000 times No!

  1. Wait. I thought “Cuz he needed killin” was an affirmative defense in Texas! 😛
    So much fail.

  2. Sadly this clown show is a black eye for the rest of us. We are the most law abiding segment of the population….well except for “that guy”

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