The Civilian Defender

Dr. Sherman House recently rebranded as Civilian Defender. (yes I’m a little late on this… been busy).

I’m very happy to see him embracing this mode, because it’s a great mindset and we need more people not just like Sherm, but doing what Sherm does. Promoting this mentality, this approach, it’s great stuff. If you haven’t read his essay on Becoming the Civilian Defender, you should. It’s a comprehensive look at a topic, and even if you don’t agree – well, that’s a great opportunity to continue the discussion! Because I guess the bottom line is simple: most people enter this “world” because guns, but alas most people never go beyond that thinking.

I think about some Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics points out. He’ll ask his class how many people had been in a gunfight or seen a gunshot wound in the past year – typically no hands go up. Then he asks how many people had seen a car accident – and hands always go up. Medical skills are useful to everyone, and you’re far more likely to need medical skills in your lifetime than a gun.

And that’s a facet in the comprehensiveness of Civilian Defender.

Check it out. Again, even if you don’t agree, hopefully some thoughts are provoked and you can be spurred into action, into self-improvement in some manner.

We’re approaching that time for New Years Resolutions – so, how are you going to improve yourself in 2018?

(And as an aside, I’m with Sherm about the M&P family. Currently enjoying my M&P9 M2.0 Compact… which I’ll write more about eventually).

3 thoughts on “The Civilian Defender

  1. Thank you Sir! Very kind of you to mention me. I heeded your advice, and incorporated much of Karl’s, “Beyond the 1%,” material into my medical class, and it’s worked well. I’m currently working on something a bit bigger that’ll give me a bit more latitude to test new ideas and concepts, all aimed at expanding the CIVILIAN DEFENDER training scaffold. Heading to the gym!

    • You’re doing good work – that’s worth spreading the word about. 🙂

      Glad to hear that Karl’s “Beyond the 1%” strategies are panning out! And looking forward to seeing how the future stuff expands.

      May your squats always be to depth and your deadlifts always lock out.

  2. Good stuff at Civilian Defender. Fits my world view.

    I’m enjoying my S&W M&P Mod 2.0 9mm 5inch FDE. 😉 My wife recently had an epiphany that led to her carrying regularly. She bought a Walther PPS M2 LE to use as her every day carry. We will both be taking more self defense, shooting, and medical classes in the coming year.

    See ya on the range!

    O. Lee James, III
    Captain US Army (Retired)

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