Get Your Apps Ready for iPhone X

Yesterday Apple announced the iPhone X. Over at the Big Nerd Ranch blog, I wrote about what we iOS developers need to do to get our apps ready for iPhone X.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Apps Ready for iPhone X

  1. i will not be upgrading my iphone7+ to either the 8 or the X. the 8 isn’t that much of an advancement from the 7 and the X has multiple pain points and bad apple design decisions, the glass back being only the first of many bad decisions.

    i might be upgrading to the apple watch 3 gps-only model as i found out that i use my original apple watch much more than i ever thought i would. i wear mine overnight to monitor sleep and the battery life is great–i only take mine off when i’m doing my ablutions and showering in the morning and it charges in just over an hour.

    i wanted to warn you and your readers that the new itunes update has totally and utterly destroyed app management and even the beta testers were caught by surprise as apple only introduced the hack job in the last version or two of the beta before the gm. i’m aghast. you’re a 3rd-party developer and i’d think there’s a huge opportunity to develop an app manager to fill this huge void. all the app .ipa files will be left on the system so all you’d have to do is to write the wrapper around them. there’s been a crying need for many years for better ways to manage apps and especially a sorting filter so you could delete apps no longer needed. i probably have about 1500 apps and i’m sure i could do without about 1000 of them.

    • While iPhone X will get a lot of the press, I think the LTE-enabled Series 3 Watch is the bigger deal out of yesterday’s horse-and-pony show. You bring up a question a lot of people have: what will the battery life be of the non-LTE Watch?

      As for an app manager – nope. Too much proprietary stuff needed to do what iTunes does.

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