Fight on 6th street – what can we learn

So it seems about a week ago there was a fight between 2 women in Downtown Austin on the infamous 6th street.

Of course, that’s not really news. But there is video of this particular incident, and from it we can learn a few things (i.e.: learn from the stupidity of others)

(h/t KLBJ-FM)

First, it’s 6th Street. There’s a high (no pun intended) chance that all involved are drunk or at least somehow inebriated/intoxicated. Always a recipe for success.

Also because it’s 6th street, it violates Farnam’s Law for personal safety: don’t go to stupid places, don’t hang around stupid people, don’t do stupid things (and be in bed by 10PM).

The video starts out with confrontation. Hard to tell what’s going on, but there’s ego investment, someone likely felt disrespected, and the only given “out” was to get stupid.

Instead of listening to friends and walking away, the ego investment continues, the disrespect continues, and punches are thrown.

As is typical when women fight, hair is grabbed.

Within seconds, the fight goes to the ground. Tho in this case, I’d say the fight went to the ground more because everyone’s drunk and has trouble with balance.

Some people try to break it up. Hard to tell if they are friends of the initial folks or just bystanders trying to break it up. Either way, smaller fights break out.

Eventually Austin Police show up and start pepper spraying. And boy, they empty their canisters, dumping a LOT of pepper spray.

And it doesn’t seem to stop anything.

You can tell there’s a little irritation on one of the people, but for the most part everything continues as if there was no pepper spray. Interesting to note is that none of the people involved seemed particularly determined.

So what can we learn?

  • There’s much wisdom in Farnam’s law.
  • Your ego and emotions can get you into trouble.
  • If you happen to get someone’s ego and emotions riled up, give them a way to save face, give them a way to exit (don’t corner the cat).
  • Getting involved in someone else’s business is a tough decision. Just note that someone else’s problem isn’t necessarily your problem, but if you get involved in their problem, for sure now you’re in a problem. Be certain you’re willing to accept the costs.
  • Pepper spray is a useful tool, but it’s not magical, it provides no guarantees.
  • Fights do go to the ground. You don’t always get to choose or control this. But if it happens, you have to deal with it. 
  • There’s really no reason to go to 6th Street.
  • There’s much wisdom in Farnam’s law (yes, it’s worth repeating).


5 thoughts on “Fight on 6th street – what can we learn

  1. Bullet point #7 covers so much, I tend to avoid 6th if I can help it, though there are worthwhile establishments on adjacent avenues. You’d be surprised what getting a street or two away from 6th does for your overall feeling of order and stability!

    • Oh yes, there’s some good stuff downtown, and during the day it’s not so bad. But after a certain hour, on certain nights, well… it becomes truly a “stupid place”.

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