A little more with the M&P 2.0

So more live fire work with the new M&P9 M2.0.

Again, I’m generally pleased with it. It’s performing well. There is less felt recoil. It’s consuming whatever ammo I feed it. Accuracy of the gun does appear better than my 1.0, but it’s still a factory mass-produced gun with looser tolerances. I did notice some additional hardware differences vs. the 2.0: the barrel profile is a little different, and the ejection port seems to be opened up a little bit.

But all in all, it’s good.

What’s not good is my own shooting. For sure I got rusty during the winter break. I’ve been shooting my normal host of standards and drills for comparison of my own progress, and some things are better, some things are worse. One thing that I’ll be curious to see is how some of the distance shooting changes once I change the trigger innards to the Apex Tactical parts. While the factory trigger isn’t bad, for sure I feel that weight and “heavier break” when I’m shooting at longer distances and attempt a little more finesse. So getting an improved trigger ought to help a little bit. Still tho, most of the suck is on me, not the hardware. 🙂

To that, I do have the Apex Tactical kit and some Dawson sights. I’ll work to put them on soon. Then some live fire with them to see how things fare. Then I reckon I’ll put this gun into regular duty.