Do Concealed Carry Permits Have Any Impact on Crime?

Charles D. Phillips, Texas A&M University School of Public Health, published a paper in 2015 entitled “Concealed Handgun Licensing and Crime in Four States.” He and his research team concluded that concealed handgun licensing had no beneficial effect on crime, and that the main driving force behind more people obtaining a license was the presence of federally licensed firearms dealers. However, there are a number of errors, assumptions, and miscalculations in his research that justify revisiting the question of the relationship between concealed carry laws and crime.

This is a paper written and published by Howard Nemerov. You can obtain the paper here.

The TSRA Sportsman recently published Howard’s article, but unfortunately the printing had numerous errors. I asked Howard about it and he gave me the above link to the full paper.

4 thoughts on “Do Concealed Carry Permits Have Any Impact on Crime?

  1. I. Am. Shocked! An academic bending data to get the results that furthers their narrative?

    Thank you to the link to Mr. Nemerov’s report. It was a worthwhile read. Seems Dr. John Lott was correct all along…. “More guns, less crime”.

    • Not sure if they’re bending to serve their agenda, or it’s just poor research. Either way, it shouldn’t have passed academic muster.

      If you haven’t, you should read Howard’s book: “400 Years of Gun Control: Why Isn’t It Working?” Howard wasn’t a pro-gun person, then he looked at the facts. Interesting in his research was he didn’t look at pro-gun sources but instead looked at all the sources quoted and sourced by anti-gun people: because if any facts should back up their standing it should be their own sources, right? Looking at the actual data, not through filtered lenses, not through cherry picking, and you find out that no: gun control does NOT work. Howard changed his stance.

      • You my friend are the eternal optimist. You see poor research and I see chicanery.

        It’s refreshing to hear Mr. Nemerov has evolved to his position by way of facts and not ideology. Sadly while I’d genuinly be interested in his book it would be at the tail of a long to-do list I’d need to live to be 381 to complete.

        • Well, it’s more that I cannot claim to know what’s in the heart of the authors — if they have malicious intent, or if they’re just sloppy researchers (or some other 3rd thing). Regardless of intent, the result is poor; THAT much we can confirm.

          Just be aware that Howard’s book is out there. It’s good stuff. Facts. Data. They help us find Truth — if in fact, Truth is what you seek.

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