How to get shot

There are three things that are most likely to get you shot. They rank in this order
1) Behavior
2) Career
3) Lifestyle ‘choices’

These can be understood as
A -Piss off violent people — including being a violent person yourself
B -Have a job that puts you in a ‘most likely to be robbed’ position or as a protector
C – Who you hang out with, where you go, what time and what you’re doing there.

These are FAR more reliable indicators of who is going to get shot. (The reason for the quotes around ‘choices’ is a two year old baby who is killed in a drug related shooting didn’t have a choice about her babydaddy being both a gangmember AND the target of the driveby that killed her. But someone who is in a club at 1a.m. chose to be there.)

[This Chicago Tribue author] ascribes skin color to why people get shot. I’ll instead point toward the exceedingly high amount of recent criminal records of homicide ‘victims’ Which yearly, and city by city fall inside the 85 to 100% range.

Oh and oddly enough, while the race of the ‘victim’ is tracked nationally to perpetuate the ‘race narrative’ it’s only the cities and states that track the correlation — dare we say causation — of criminal records.

A Facebook post by Marc MacYoung in response to this commentary by Edward McClelland from the October 2, 2016 edition of the Chicago Tribune titled “I never worry I’ll be shot in Chicago. After all, I’m white.”

Right at the start of the article, the author states and overlooks the real reason he doesn’t have to worry about being shot:

Even in the midst of a gang war, I had no fear of getting shot. Why? Because I’m white.

No, it’s because you’re not part of a gang.

You don’t have the behavior, career, nor lifestyle choices that get you shot.

Behavior, career, and lifestyle choices are orthogonal to skin color. Plenty of white people make the wrong behavior, career, and/or lifestyle choices that wind up with them getting shot or killed.

Look at crime for what actually causes it, not what you think causes it.