Boobs are not a credential

If there’s one thing the Internet has given us, it’s easy access to boobs – and I’m not just talking about breasts.

In the past few days, I experienced three specific incidents that motivated me to write.

First, there was a women advocating “unique” shot placement when using a gun in self-defense… against a woman: aiming for the pelvis, specifically the uterus. You can read the whole thing here (note: Melody Lauer posted, but it’s not Melody advocating this approach). This is terrible advice on many levels (would require its own article to explain, but thankfully you can read the comments on the original posting). Much of the authority for the argument comes from “being female”.

Second, via Facebook’s “someone you follow was tagged” feature, I came across a woman who takes a popular approach towards gaining “likes” and “followers”: showing her boobs; or at least short-shorts, tank-tops, and ample cleavage with the camera angles just right to titillate the viewer. Oh yes, and guns. In one picture, she stands pulling up her shirt ever so slightly, not just to show off her flat stomach, but also the 1911 she carries appendix style. The caption begins with “I get asked what holster I used to conceal carry”, and goes downhill from there. Not only a poor holster choice, but she also proudly exclaims how she doesn’t carry cocked and locked, but maybe sometimes chambered with the hammer down “if walking in a dark alley”. And she further claims that with “training and situational awareness you can still have plenty of time to draw and shoot”. The post continues on with a mixture of good and bad advice – mostly bad. I’m not sure from where she draws her authority, but for sure with thousands of followers, someone is going to listen to her advice.

Third, in a Facebook “discussion” I only saw via screenshot after the fact, a man stated “If you have to shoot, shoot to kill. Dead people can’t take you to court.” This statement was rebutted by none other than Andrew Branca. The original poster then replied telling Andrew that he needed to talk to a lawyer about self defense, that he needed to do some research first, and that he should read self-defense laws. He even suggested the NRA had people Andrew could talk to about this topic. Hrm. I’m not sure where the gentleman received his authority to speak, but maybe he could talk to Andrew.

This isn’t just in the realm of self-defense. Another world I inhabit is fitness: weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and such activities. You see it all the time where some “food babe” or dude with “ripped abz” and hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers doles out advice. But upon what authority? What makes them a subject matter expert? Why should people listen to them?

It’s important to vet your sources (including me). There’s nothing wrong with letting people say whatever they want, but YOU need to be pickier about who you listen to and how much weight you give to what they have to say. Why should I listen to this person? What background do they have that makes them an authority and/or subject matter expert (SME)? And does that supposed position actually make the person an SME? For example, many people believe police officers are experts on law and how to shoot, merely because they’re a cop. But the reality is, some are, many aren’t. Vet your sources (including me).

There is nothing wrong with looking at beautiful plumage. We’re animals, and all animals are attracted to beautiful plumage. There are times when plumage is the correct and applicable criterion for the task at hand. But when it comes to matters of your life – be it your health or fitness, or what you do in the gym or for self-defense and how to handle a gun – please… stop looking at the boobs.

2 thoughts on “Boobs are not a credential

  1. You spend too much time on Farcebook….

    With the explosion of “social media” the idiots of the world now have a broad stage to strut their plumage. And maybe it’s just me but I get the impression our society is becoming easily led by the nose with the antics of these fools.

    Farcebook is without question a cancer on our society. I don’t partake.

    • There are some useful things about FB, that keep me going back… despite the pain and suffering it also inflicts.

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