Mindset and Decision Making

Once again, excellent insights from Claude Werner.


Then I guess it will just be time for him and me to be with Jesus.

Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics related a mind-boggling story recently about one form of mindset. He posed questions to some friends in the context of encountering two burglars in their home. The concept of giving scenarios and asking people questions about their anticipated reactions is often far more effective than pontificating about what they ‘need’ to do.

The friends are a couple who have a 10 year old son. The wife is a petite woman who is a practitioner of boxing; good for her. What Caleb did was to posit a scenario of initial violence and asked her what she would do. She replied she would fight them. Since the scenario was two burglars whose combined weight was three to four times hers, he continued escalating the scenario in his questions. In the event…

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One thought on “Mindset and Decision Making

  1. That’s a thought provoking read. I do not understand the mindset of people who will “be with Jesus” rather than defend themselves.

    I know people who say they’d never be able to kill somebody in defense of themselves or their family.

    The Petit family is an example I use to illustrate my point. Unimaginable barbarity exists in our world.

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