Hebrew Hogger 2016

What are you doing July 31, 2016?

Can you get yourself to Nashville, TN?

If so, you should attend the Hebew Hogger 2016!

This is a unique tactical conference in that it has no live-fire events. In the wake of the Orlando terror attack, the importance of skill sets tangential to firearms utilization have been heavily underscored…but how do you get, “those,” skills? This conference will help you learn, earn and hone those important, “soft,” skills that can, and will, save lives. Topics include performance paradigms, criminal psychology, threat identification, edged weapons defense, emergency medical skills, legal issues, and more. AND IT’S ONLY $100!

You can read all about it at Dr. Sherman House’s blog

Look at the presenters:

  • Dr. Sherman House
  • Dr. William Aprill
  • Claude Werner
  • Paul Sharp
  • John Jayne

And it’s only $100

Unfortunately I can’t make the event, but bah gawd what a deal!

Some of the top traininers out there. Talking about some of the most important stuff out there. Yeah I know… gunz and ammo and #pewpewlyfe. All that’s good, but I can tell you that the soft-skills being taught at the Hogger are going to do FAR more towards keeping you safe on a daily basis and throughout your lifetime.

And it’s all going to a good cause.