Car break-ins up in Austin

A neighbor posted some data regarding vehicle break-ins in Austin.

APD has what’s called COMSTATS, that give information about what kinds of crimes are happening in an area. I’m going on focus Property Crimes and specifically Burglary of Vehicles (BOV’s.) These stats (MTD and YTD) are thru March 2016 and will cover Region 4 Frank and David Sectors. These numbers do not cover any TCSO stats for those unincorporated areas, Sorry

March 2016 #’s YTD #’s
BOV’s- Burglary Of Vehicles

DAVID- Down 1% this year from last to date
MTD-113 Cars
YTD-350 Cars

FRANK- Up 5% this year from last to date
MTD-125 Cars
YTD- 305 Cars

TOTAL Region 4- So far the # of BOV’s is up 2% for the year over last to date
MTD-382 Cars
YTD- 655 Cars broken into this year so far! 655!!! Crazy numbers

655, in just Region 4, in the first 3 months of 2016.

You know what could have prevented a vast majority of these?

Locking your damn doors.

Seriously, that’s it. It’s that damn simple.

Most thieves want a quick score and do not want to attract attention. This car locked? Move on to the next because it probably won’t be. Why waste time trying to break in when people just leave the doors open?

In addition, keep stuff out of your car (or at least out of sight). A fish doesn’t bite on an empty hook.

While you’re at it, lock the doors and windows on your home as well. I’ve been hearing too many stories recently of people finding unknowns in their home, and yes they left their doors unlocked and the dudes just waltzed right in.

Greg Ellifritz has an excellent article on the same topic. Please read.

In fact, don’t bother reading. Just lock your damn doors.