“Somebody was tragically murdered, and I don’t think this tragedy warrants this conversation and pushing this agenda right now,” said Andrea Brauer, executive director of Texas Gun Sense.

From yesterday’s Austin American  Statesman article about the death of Haruka Weiser.

Sean Payton decries easy access to guns that lead to Will Smith’s death.

[then links to: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000652024/article/saints-sean-payton-on-will-smiths-death-i-hate-guns ]

Posted yesterday to Texas Gun Sense’s Twitter account.

I guess politicizing tragedy is OK when it serves your goals, and tasteless when it doesn’t, eh?


2 thoughts on “Hypocrites

  1. Nothing to see here. Same old same old. When 90% of our media is owned by 6 corporations the agendas are easy to spot. This is why I do not read the sorts of rags like the “Statesman”.

    I’m sure if Ms. Weiser was shot to death this would be topic #1 for Andrea Brauer. But that does not fit her agenda. (sorry, I’m having a day filled with disdain and sarcasm)

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